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Fondant Seashells

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I am making a cake for a friend's mother in law and she wants a beach themed cake. I really like the seashells like on this cake, but I have NO CLUE how to do it!!!! Can someone help me? Are they made out of fondant? How do you get them to be so shiny? Any help is greatly appreciated....thank you in advance!!!!
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They could be made from a mold filled with melted candy melts and dusted with luster dust or they could be fondant placed in a mold and also dusted with luster dust. That's just my guess.
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i have just cheap plastic candy molds for this and some nice silicone molds also. you can pour the chocolate in the molds. Let set up. then dust with different colors of luster dust. This will make them shine. You can use fondant also . Fill the mold(candy) with the fondant , shave off the excess, let set up. Use different colors of luster dust to bring out the colors and the shine. I have all sizes of the candy molds for shells,etc.
cheapest way to go . If you didn,t pour the chocolate, you could just use candy clay like you would the fondant. hth
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For my shells, I use fondant in the candy melt trays. It's really easy. The trick is getting the right amount of fondant in the hollow and pushing in the edges so they are smooth. Be sure to use tons of cornstarch so they will lift out! I use a toothpick inserted halfway into the bottom of the shell and lift out. Sometimes you can bang it and they pop out. Then you can either airbrush or luster dust em!
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First Impressions Molds has a lot of really nice sea shell molds. I use those with white candy melts then dust to color them.
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Thank you sooooo much everyone. I am going to attempt the molds with fondant and see what happens!!! Fingers crossed for me!!
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If you use candy, when you pour it in put it the fridge or freezer till its hard. This will make the Candy more shinnyinstead of a matte finish. Then I would put some pearl colored luster dust on it
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