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I use it on my cookies also. I really like the taste. It is not the same as how people add more and more powder sugar to their b/c to make the dam for thier cakes. It is totally a different recipe. I use Marsha Winbecklers recipe when i do make it. I learned about it 15 years ago , when i bought marsha's rolled buttercream booklet. I enjoy her booklet.
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I'm going to try this! Thank you
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How do store it?
I wanted to make it during the day...but will prob ice the cookies at night when the kids are in bed!! icon_smile.gif
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I use the marshmallow rolled buttercream on my cookies. I usually make them for the bake sale at the school. The kids love this recipe. There is never any left. icon_smile.gif
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The marshmallow rolled buttercream calls for 4-6lbs of sugar?? isnt that a lot?
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I use two 2lb bags, but I can cover more than 2 batches of sugar cookies with that. It really makes a lot! I'm not sure how much the other recipes makes. All the kids LOVE this recipe. thumbs_up.gif
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what's the recipe for the marshmallow RBC? Sounds really good.
Go Red Raiders!!
Go Red Raiders!!
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I use the marshmellow rolled buttercream recipe too. It's a sort of hybrid. I did find the RBC was greasy & stuck to the bags when I packaged my sugar cookies. I did like the taste. But the hybrid is really good too.

I got impatient with royal. My piping skills aren't super fab. And, I've run into another problem with drying time and royal. I did post a question that nobody could help me with. But...oh well, looks like I'll be making little boxes for my cookies to rest in before I bag!

Oh - rolled icings are great because they are super neat. You don't have to practice a bunch to get it right. I like to imprint mine lately. I recently bought a clearance item for the cuddlebug & used it for imprinting. It was only $1.

I also half the recipe. I think it calls for 10 oz of marshmellows. I cut it in half with no problem. icon_smile.gif
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I agree with EvMarie. I'm not great at piping either so when I use RBC it really looks perfect because I cut them out with the same cookie cutter and then place it on the cookie. I also imprint a lot of them too. It really makes the cookies look so professional! thumbs_up.gif
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I just tried turned out sooo good!!!
My pumpkin faced cookies have MRBC and so do the ghost ones!

Thank you all!!!
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Pickulz, I'm so happy it turned out so good for you! It really is a lot of fun to use the MRBC. I feel like I'm cheating because all the people who pipe are so talented and it seems so simple to cut it and place it on the cookie. icon_redface.gif
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