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How do I make keyboard on a computer cake?

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I want to make a computer cake. I just don't know how I would make the keys on the keyboard. And how do I write the letters on each key? Also should I make the screen out of fondant covered rice krispie treat or fondant covered styrofoam? Thanks!
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I would also like to know.
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could you use a small square cutter and pipe letters on each with royal icing?
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how about this:
use the small square cutter (as lilykins mentioned) to cut out the keys from rice krispie treats. (you can shave them down horizontally if they are too tall). attach the keys with royal icing to a keyboard-length sheet of krispie treats, and drape over with fondant.......?
it's prob pretty tedious to do it this way (because you'll have to smooth the fondant between the keys) but i bet you it'd look really good.

let us know what you decide to do!!
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There are several options. You could cut out the keys out of fondant with a small cutter and attach them to the keyboard. then you could pipe the letter, or cut them out as well and put them on.

For your screen, it just depends on the size. YOu should keep the proportion, and it sounds like a lot of RKT. I'd probably use a dummy if it were going to be large.
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Another option would be to have an edible image of the keyboard made. You can then just place it in the proper place on your cake. If you want to do each individual key, you can cut out the keys from the image.
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Thanks for the ideas! The edible image sounds great but unfortunately I don't have a printer for that. I was also thinking of making the keyboard out of cake though rather than rice krispie treat. But I can do each key out of RKT. I am thinking it will be tedious though....
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As for the image, if there is a store in your area that does them, perhaps you can find an image of a keyboard (Google Images is great for this), print it out and take it to them to print on EI paper. It'll save a boat load of time-lol.
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I would probably use a rectangle of cake for the base and cut the keys out of fondant (just roll it a bit thick) -- easier to cut small than RKT, and then you don't have to worry about individually frosting or covering each key. You could even make the separate keys in one "block" by cutting narrow V-shaped wedges only partway through a slab of fondant. For the letters etc. on the keys I'd just write them with an edible marker.
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yeah, rolling the fondant thick would prob be your best bet for the keys, though there is no way i was suggesting you cover each individual RKT key in fondant! icon_smile.gif that'd be insane.
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I made a keyboard cake last year, I covered the cake in fondant, than I made each individual key out of gumpaste, (I wanted it to be really hard) than I used and edible marker to mark each key. It turned out pretty good, but it does take time seems how there are ALOT of keys
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How about miniature/cut up chocolate bars for the keys? Just slice the chocolate into cubes and dip them in white chocolate. Then carefully pipe the letters on.
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I would do it like weezercakes says. That how I do my lettering on LV cakes. You could make mac keyboard and then you wouldn't have to worry about getting the buttons thick...
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I used cake covered with fondant and then rolled out fondant really thick. Then I used a ruler to cut long strips out and then cut out each square individually and used the smallest tip I had to write the letters/numbers on the keys. I just replicated my own keyboard. As far as the screen I used black foam core board and only covered the frame of the screen in the front so it wouldn't be heavy. Hope this helps.
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