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Where to buy a cupcake tower?

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Can anyone point me in the right direction for a cupcake tower. I was looking for one that's clear/acrylic and that I can adjust the tiers that I use for the number of cupcakes I have. Thanks!!
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The best deal I've found so far on acrylic cupcake towers was actually off of Ebay international sellers. I got a good price on it even with the hefty shipping price tag (once I figured out how to convert the currency!), and it actually arrived within a week. It was 7 tiers, and I can use as many or as little of the tiers as I want. I'll be using all 7 next weekend for my niece's wedding - I'm doing 250 cupcakes and the top tier of the tower will have a cake for cutting! I'm excited!!!

This is the buyer I bought it from:
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Thank you so much!!!
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lovetofrost: I just actually made a square one for a wedding I did this morning.

I called a local glass company, and asked them what the cost of some 1/4" plexiglass would run me in several different sizes. The glass totaled about 55 bucks, including the finishing of the edges so they weren't sharp.

I then went to the hardware store and bought a piece of threaded rod, the kind you would use if you were building a lamp, drilled small holes the size of the rod in the center of the plexiglass, used some 2" PVC pipe that I had used an ivory spray paint on cut it into 4" pcs. and used that as the separators between tiers.

I would say all total it cost me about 70-75 bucks, and I didn't have to pay any kind of shipping. The thing that took the longest was waiting for the spray paint to dry. I'll post a pic when I get it back from my client.

Good Luck.
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