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Ribbon on non-crusting frosting.

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I am making a wedding cake and it will be RV with cream cheese frosting. I have yet to find a cream cheese frosting recipe that crusts that isn't too sweet. This cake is to have ribbon around the bottom of each tier. Is this impossible? I just know as soon as I attempt to put the ribbon on, all my hard work will smear. Any opinions are appreciated..icon_smile.gif
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I use the crusting cream cheese frosting in the recipe section
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I've put a ribbon on non-crusting BC. You just have to make sure it is REALLY cold & solid before you put the ribbon onto the cake so it doesn't dig into the soft frosting.

I think some folks iron the backside of the ribbon w/wax paper or the waxy side of freezer paper to make a moisture barrier.

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Thanks, Kristy.. It is helpful to know someone has successfully done it. icon_smile.gif Fertluv3, I don't like my cream cheese frosting very sweet and all crusting recipes call for way too much sugar.
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How do you put the ribbon on the cakes without getting those ugly grease marks? Do yo uknow what I mean? I am still a newbie and tried it once and it was a hot mess!
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I cut a piece of baking/grease proof paper a bit smaller than ribbon and place that aroundthe cake first, and then put ribbon on top. HTH
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Great thank you, that was a QUICK reply icon_smile.gif
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