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You first make colored cake-pops (white mix + food coloring).  After they're cooked then put a little batter in pan add cake pops then batter on top (not shown - but be sure batter covers them!)  then bake and the cake pops will "disappear" as the cake rises (you can undercook cake-pops a tiny bit so they don't get dried out in second baking).  


I also learned from playing with my daughter that sprinkles make pretty cool rainbow speckles in white cake mix. You can see them in the bowl of cake-pops.  We didn't use them in the finished cake though.




On the Great American Baker competition, one of the challenges they recently had was something very similar to this -- not polka dots, but baker's choice for the kind of "surprise" upon cutting.  Somebody did a dog bone, somebody else did get the idea.  I was curious too as to how they would incorporate those shapes into the batter without the shapes coming out all gobbeldygook.  What they all did was basically akin to the cake pop idea :  they each made a separate cake(s) colored to their taste.  Once that cake was cooled they cut out their desired shapes with cookie cutters.  For the main cake, they first poured a little batter into the tin, arranged the shape(s), then continued with the batter so that the batter covered the shapes.


Some of them came out really nice like the photos right here :points:  A couple of people IIRC slightly underbaked their shape cakes on the idea that the shape wouldn't overbake the second time around.  Those were the cakes where the shapes became smeared, and it's understandable with underbaked batter being not as loose as raw batter, but loose enough so as not to hold its shape.

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I agree a shape might get messed up if it were too underbaked.  When I say underbake, I mean by maybe 5 minutes or so - just a slight precaution so the 2nd baking won't make it too dry. Mine were almost fully baked but slightly moist inside.  The outside was done and that's what will hold your shape.  As far as texture when the 2nd baking was done,  I could tell a slight difference between the dots from the rest of the cake, but nothing major. Still yummy :-)

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I did this with my daughter's birthday cake.  I only wish we'd have made more, it turned out great!  AND it was a use for the baby cakes cake pop maker she got for Christmas, lol.  Pic attached.  You can see why I said I wish we'd have made more.  


We made two batches of batter, one stayed white, the other we colored the in pink and purple.  Then made the little cake pops with the colored batter.  Dropped the baked cake balls in the greased cake pan, filled the pan with white cake batter and baked as usual.   It turned out great!  (I think!)



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