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I honestly don't know how some of you say that you don't notice a difference between the transfat version and the non-transfat version. The consistency of the shortening is so different. Unless butter or something is added to keep it solid at room temp I don't know how it would work. Just my thought on it.

The difference is INDYDEBI'S BC RECIPE. It is the same with or without the trans fat because of the addition of the Dream Whip in her icing. Dream Whip has hydrogenated vegetable oil which apparently makes her recipe work despite the absence of trans fat in the Crisco. She said that when everyone started complaining about the removal of trans fat in shortening she was surprised because she had noticed NO changes in her recipe.

No one ever said there wasn't a difference in shortening with or without the trans fat...What we're saying is that with Indydebi's recipe the absence of trans fat makes absolutely NO difference in her icing. I use her recipe because of the heat and humidity in my area and her icing will hold up to extreme 100+ temperatures.

I don't understand how the addition of butter would 'keep it solid at room temperature' since butter has a lower melting point than shortening.

Well, people kept telling her that Crisco is "just fine", but it isn't for the recipe she is using. Yes, for Indydebi's recipe it works because of the dream whip (or stable as it use to be called). The new Wilton version is 1/2 C crisco (no transfat) and 1/2 C butter. I could only guess (and it is a guess so don't jump down my throat) that the fat in butter is what is necessary to make the recipe work.