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Hi There!  If you don't mind....what temp and length of time would you bake cupcakes in this type of oven? A friend of mine owns a kitchen with a Bodgett pizza oven (I think that's the and is willing to let me try it out, but I'd like a starting point so I don't waste the time I'm given...Thanks for your help.


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Hi hsmomma,


I am currently working as a pastry chef and because my store kitchen is a little down, i am temporarily using an older kitchen where they use these deck/pizza ovens to bake. However, I am having trouble with my baking, especially with a genoise sponge cake. Previously I would bake them at 180 degrees celsius, but now that there are two temperature dials I'm not sure what to do, and also what temperature to bake it at, because it seems to overbake all the time and I cant see what's going on inside the oven so it's hard to stop the baking when i think it's the right time. Maybe you could advice me on what temperatures you bake your cakes (sponge cakes especially) at and for how long? and even any other tips at handling the oven temperature and timing better would be useful. I would really appreciate any help i can get. Thanks so much in advance!!

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