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Earlier this this post someone asked about stability <no refrigeration> of Indydebi's BC> What about the Cream Cheese version?
I have cake for tomorrow that id REALLY like to be able to pipe the details tonight....Is it safe enough to leave out over night for a party tomorrow afternoon?

Thanks all!
Erica C.
Twitter: SwtFlamingo
Erica C.
Twitter: SwtFlamingo
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Has anyone covered cream cheese frosting with modeling choc? I see someone has used fondant but I am trying modeling choc for the first time because others have said there is more flexibility without cracking like fondant. Am trying to make a Marilyn Monroe cake.
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I know I'm late to the party on this discussion but I have a few question about this buttercream that I'm hoping someone can answer:
• Do you whip the Crisco first, before adding other ingredients?
• Do you use the paddle or whisk attachment?
• How does this butter ream work under fondant?

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Works great.
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Originally Posted by AnnieCahill View Post

Works great.

Thank you icon_smile.gif
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Hello, where can i get the recipe for your buttercream icing?

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There are 3 different recipes for indydebis buttercream go to the top of the page and in the search bar type in indydebis buttercream recipe
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This thread has been amazing! I have read all of the posts and I just have one question. As for the refrigeration, I saw someone mention that it "behaves" better at room temp. Does that mean it shouldn't be refrigerated? What exactly does behave mean? I know I may be in the minority on this but I prefer my buttercream cold. I like a lot of foods cold though! I'm strange I know! icon_smile.gif
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Most people can't get it to crust if it's cold.  I tried this recipe a long time ago and personally I didn't care for it.  For me it was too sweet and had very little flavor due to no butter.  I stay away from "butter flavoring."  I need real butter in my buttercream!  I will say that if you live in a really hot climate it performs well, due to the lack of butter.

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Mine came out grainy too icon_redface.gif

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Can i use this buttercream recipe for frosting cupcakes? i cannot wait to try this WONDERFUL recipe everyone keeps chatting about :)thumbs_up.gif

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You can use it to frost cupcakes. Read the instructions good. I have not had good luck with it either. Tried it several time. Always grainy. It stands up to very hot weather. Shes made it for all the years she was in catering. Many c/cers love it . So read the instructions good and try it. You may have good luck with it.hth

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Another question!

How and for how long can I store this??
Can I refrigerate? And then bring to room temp when I need it?
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Hi Debi- You Icing is legendary! From all I read it's a VERY flexible recipe, but I wondered if I can substitute some butter in place of shortening.  I have 50# of Sweetex (thats the smallest size they sold locally) but some people are touchy about shortening. I realize butter requires different handling but does it work in this recipe? Thanks for ALL the great recipes & ideas you've shared!  Sharon 

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Hey this my first time on this site I'm gitting married and trying make my own cake I got 6 months to git it right its a pillow cake I'm a great pastry chief cooking is natural to just never maid a huge cake wear can I find recipes for sponge cake?? The groom wants carrot cake and I read u got use pound or sponge for those this will b a first any tips would b great:)
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