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Cake and people count

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How many cake mixes do I need to feed 50 people? I was thinking at least 5. BTW I am using Duncan Hines (Wilton approved)
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I think it depends on pan shape and height of cake but.......I would do 2, 12" round cakes with 2 batches of wasc.
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DH mixes contain about 4 1/2-5 cups of batter after they are use the Wilton charts to see how many cups the pans need that you will be baking, and how many people the cakes will serve.

Good luck!
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Wilton approved? icon_confused.gif What does that mean?

I use Betty Crocker and use 7 mixes to make a wedding cake for 128, so on average, a BC mix will serve about 18 people.

A 10", 2-layer square will serve 50 people and that takes 3 cake mixes (1.5 mixes per pan). A 12", 2-layer round will serve 56, using 1.5 mixes per pan.

Here's a cutting/serving chart that many use ... it will help you determine the size cakes you need for the number of servings required:
It also has the amount of batter needed for each pan, if you want to measure batter (I never have).
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LOL Indy, on the DH boxes it has a little "Wilton" seal of approval.

But since you use BC...... icon_razz.gif

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I am new to this and my sister used to be in charge of this portion. I always did what she told me. She just passed away and I am having to figure it all out on my own. I am doing the classes in her honor; she was self taught. I am just really overwhelmed bc I don't have her hear as a crutch. I'll post some of my pics when I figure this website out. Is this the cake version of FaceBokk. LOL
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Welcome to cake central, you'll find alot of helpful people here. So sorry to hear about your sisters passing, I know how difficult it can be. You will do great teaching classes, try not to worry to much, you are honoring your sister, everyone will understanding, and be grateful.
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