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Making a Fondant Blanket

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I am fairly new at working with fondant...I love it but have just done the basics. I wan to attempt drapping a blanket over a baby on a shower cake...I could use some tips, such as I need to build it up under the blanket or will the thickness of the fondant determine how it lays?? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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i wouldn't think you would need to build it up. i've done something similar with draping and i just kind of messed with it until i got the look i wanted - check my photos for the boy scout cake with the draped fondant and medal on top
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Check out my cakes.... i have several baby blankets. Try it on your tabletop. If your fondant is really soft and the folds don't look the way you want build up with some frosting. You don't want to let it dry too much before you put it on the cake or you will get elephant skin blanket! icon_biggrin.gif

On this one I had the basket come all the way to the top edge and you can totally see the top under the basket making it look sharp. I didn't like that. Next time it will stop a little short or I will do a thicker blanket. The folds and gathers are just from laying on the fondant, nothing underneath.

Same with this one although you can see how it piles around the puppy heads....tht is the only thing under the blanket.... Grass was piped after blanket was placed.
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Here are a couple more....

This one isnt a baby blanket it was a beach towel.... same idea though but on the flat board. "sand" placed later. this was really thin fondant cause it was for a cake contest and I was out of time to make more fondant! LOL

And on this one you can see that the fondant was a bit thicker. I like this one a lot!
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Thank you soooo much for your replies. It helps so much to have these forums. Having a picture to look at helps also. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again ladies!!
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