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I've done this using the decorative side of the paper towel and it creates a very pretty design.

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Can you please tell me the recipe for the buttercream icing that you used ? The cake looks just like fondant.
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I am new to cake decorating and I'm curious what icing recipe you used on this smoothing instruction...all Crisco? 

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Hola: Una pregunta Y como seria en Australia al agregar agua?



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... me olvidaba Usas la misma receta para hacer crumb coat al cake?

Gracias otra vez.


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What is the "high ratio" that you are referring to in the recipe?  Is it shortening?  Thanks.

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She is using high ratio shortening. Crisco that is sold today is not hi ratio. I have not been able to find it myself but believe you can search for it on the internet. From what I understand it can be somewhat expensive. I've read that it doesn't leave that "greasy" feeling in your mouth and makes for a very creamy buttercream. I would love to try it so if you find some and make frosting could you please post here how you liked it? Thank you and good luck!
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Originally Posted by tutugirl View Post

Cuando fui a Puerto Rico a enseñar como hacer esto, no le pude poner agua porque hace mucho calor y no se necesita el agua.

I don't know what is the difference between crusting or not crusting...

My recipe
2 cups of butter
2 cups of hi ratio
4 pound of confectioners sugar 10x
3 tablespoons of hot water (depending on the weather)

I don't use meringue powder.

I add water to crumb coat but to ice is stiff consistency...I hope this helped.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Hi...How many cakes will this recipe cover? 

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Do you refrigerate the butter cream before you smooth out with the hot spatula and paper towel? Or do you strt to smooth out right after applying the butter cream?

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I just tried this, and I thought my frosting was stiff enough, but the Viva keeps sticking to the frosting. Should the frosting be more stiff or softer?
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Looks great.. What kind of butter cream recipe did you use for this method?
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A size 18 tip. hope this helps! icon_biggrin.gif:cake: < me and my finished cake!
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