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Thank you so much for being so kind and sharing your recipe!!
"Life is cake!"
"Life is cake!"
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thanks for sharing the cookies are so cute!
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Thanks for sharing can you use this recipe for cookies on a stick? Thanks btw your cookies are very awsome love your pink grad E's very cute.
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The cookies are soft -- I don't even let them get slightl brown on bottom -- I make them thick almost 3/8 inch thick -- I find they have a dense cake like texture.
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Thanks for posting. Can't wait to try it. The "E"s are gorgeous!
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Thanks for sharing! icon_smile.gif
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Melissa, when you decorate with this icing do you pipe the cookie first then flow with the icing or do you just do the whole cookie with the icing. I assume if that is the case you have to be careful of the consistency to keep it from running off the sides. I know your post was from May but just now saw the recipe and am always looking for an icing recipe that might keep its color better than Toba's glace. THanks.
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I use this exact recipe! Sometimes I add a little bit of cream cheese (and I even use the cheesecake flavor sometimes) and it is great! It doesn't really change the consistency - I get perfect cookies every time. Firm enough to handle but soft and delicious inside!

I have been topping mine with pre-cut modeling chocolate - I put it on as soon as they come out of the oven and it "melts" into the cookie but doesn't lose its shape - makes for a beautiful, well-defined decoration without piping - and everyone I know LOVES modeling chocolate -way better than the fondant (even though mine is pretty good)!
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Awesome! I will totally have to try that recipe out!
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Melissa, are the cookies stable enough to support sticks for a cookie bouquet? Thanks! Can't wait to try them!
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