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Cake Supplies, in/near ATLANTA, GA?????

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Can someone please direct me to some supply stores other than cake art in lilburn? I'm trying to find some fondant and am trying to compare prices. Thanks for any help!
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Other than Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann's that is the only one that I know of around Atlanta. I believe Nicholas Lodge has a store in Norcross but I have never been there.
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there's a little one in Morrow but they don't have a lot of stuff. there's cake art i think it's in lawrenceville? you can google them. i get most of my stuff online.
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I have been to Cake art and I have also been to the Nicholas Lodge retail store. He does have some supplies there but not nearly as much as Cake Art does. Nicholas Lodge does have some neat stuff though.
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ISAC (Internation Sugar Art Collection) in Norcross (Nicholas Lodge's retail store)has a lot of stuff. Everything from metal cutters for flowers, patchwork cutters (every one imaginable), silicone molds and veiners, candy molds and supplies, the premium fondants, etc. You can go crazy in there. I have to try to set a budget every time I am there. It is hard though because I want one of everything!!

Cake Art (Lawrenceville) is a party store so besides any cake pan you can think of, they have party ware for birthdays, baby and bridal showers, cake drums, masonite boards, candy supplies, etc.
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I second mlwideman on ISAC and Cake Art.

I use Nicholas' for all of my sugar art needs. And then Cake Art for the fun cake stuff and supplies! It's about a 50 - 60 minute drive (in between rush hours or on the weekend) one way for me to either of these shops, but well worth it!
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I order all my stuff online. It costs more in gas and time to go up to the northside than it does to have things shipped.
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