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Raspberry swirl is my customers favorite cake.

I make a basic white cake and reserve 1 cup of batter then I mix in 2tsp raspberry jello dry and 2 heaping tbls of raspberries and juice from frozen raspberries then I blend that and marble it into the white cake.

For fillings I like lemon cream, white chocolate or cheesecake with some raspberries sprinkled on top of the filling.
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I make the basic WASC cake and add drops of raspberry sleeve filling and swirl around. Delicious and very moist!
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I take my mix place it in the pan and take the flavor I want of the sleeve preserves and swirl it in the batter, people love it!!!!!!!!
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I use the link provided here... made my own raspberry curd/filing.... made my usual cake... fill the pan 1/4... added some of the curd/filling fill the pan/added some more raspberry... then with a skewer I swirled it a few times... baked....

all is can say is WOWZY!!! the taste was amazing!! DH ate almost a whole 6 in round byhimself with no icing!!! it was super delicious and now we are also fearuting that one as one of regular cake flavors.... it is amazingly tasty.... and now I am hooked lol....

thanks for the recipe and for all the good advice!
Happy Caking!
Happy Caking!
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ohhh these all sound great!!
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can't wait to try! thanks for the info! love CC!
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Has anyone tried the jello mix into a chocolate cake mix? I have been asked to make a Raspberry Chocolate Swirl wedding cake (no cheese cake or white) but I'm not sure if you would even be able to taste the Raspberry? I have seen bundt cake recipes but didn't know how well those would work as a layer cake. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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