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Ah ok. I get it. The pic helped a lot. I've been trying to order myself a set but I'm having a couple problems with payment. I'm not in the US and there seem to be credit card issues. Hopefully I can get them sorted soon.

I have a wedding cake in October which is my first 4 tier. She wants the top and bottom tiers to be traditional heavy fruit wedding cake and the middle two to be chocolate. My fear is the weight of that top tier on the chocolate cuz fruit cake is not light. Hopefully I have my cake stackers by then . icon_biggrin.gif
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that is one of the things I really love about this system. Previously if someone had wanted a light mousse cake for a stacked cake I just had to say no. Now I can say yes!
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My Cake Stackers has been shipped!!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif..I can't wait...I can't wait
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Congrats! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. For me I never had a fast way to measure and cut a bunch of dowels and center columns and making sure they were perfectly even was a headache. I have streamlined my business and cut out all the dowel related labor and waste by having the cakestackers instead.
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That is a beautiful anniversary cake. Can you tell me how you managed the transport?
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thank you! I transported all the cake tiers separately and arranged the flowers in foam and had each arrangement separate. on the cake stackers stand I had already assembled the center columns and screwed the dowel legs in to the proper height so that when I got there it was very fast to build.
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so when you're assembling, do you thread each cake down over the central rod, put on a nut or something, add a metal plate, slide down another cake, etc.

Is that how you stack?
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God's Word will either keep you from sin;
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Take a look at the videos on the pages below. They explain how to do it.
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Originally Posted by Katiebelle74

here is the cake picture
thanks for the compliment sweet_honesty

Such a beautiful cake...I'd be afraid of using a plastic stand for this one...

I just checked out the cake stackers web site, and I'm getting interested. I know it's a lot of money, but for me, one of the advantages is not having to cut dowels or plate legs, which I have to do with the SPS. Besides it has a lot more applications..i guess i'm liking it...
I'm wondering, can it be used for a topsy turvy? I mean the ones the you carve a hole so you stack the tiers horizontally...
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do you mean topsy turvy or "topsy caddy wampus" they are working on making it do the latter and Steph has directions on how to do topsy turvy with it.
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thanks for the compliment! No way would I have wanted that on a plastic stand. They had it right by the edge of the dance floor where the Indian children (boys) were to do a very lively dance. On this stand I did not have to sweat bullets over that. I love the peace of mind as well as not having to cut dowels. It also makes my customers feel secure and confident about their cake being stable. So far everyone has been happy to pay the deposit and impressed by the professional equipment being used for their cake. (I show them or show pictures/email photos so they know what the deposit is for). I was worried about people balking over it but the reactions have been the opposite. very positive.
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A topsy turvy cake llike this one...

I tried other methods and olny like this one for cake safety issues...
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yes it does work for doing that, with exactly that method only with the cake stackers everything screws into place and is locked down very secure.
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LOVE your rubber ducky cake on your website BTW. VERY COOL!
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What a cool system for stacking cakes! I gasped when she flipped that cake upside down and swung it around the room. I've never seen this system before so I can't offer any advice, sorry. I'm glad you started this thread though. It's looks awesome.
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