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Chocolate Cake & Snicker Bar Filling!!!

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My nice b-day is next month and she asked me to make a chocolate cake with snicker bar filling..Could you please help me with a good recipe for the filling and for the cake?

I do not know if the chocolate wasc is good...I have not baked from a box before, if you have a good chocolate cake recipe also I will appreciate it!!!! but I am more concern about the filling.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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Help!!! please!!!
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sorry noone's answered you...I was kinda hoping to see if someone had an actual recipe. Could you put a thin layer of ganache or chocolate buttercream as filling and then sprinkle chopped up snickers bars over that?

Or, I've done this with Reese's PB cups...chop them up and use a 1:3 ratio of cream to snickers and make a ganache (ie 4oz's cream to 12 ozs chopped snickers), then whip after it's been in the fridge overnight (careful to not overwhip or it will curdle). just a thought, if nothing else this might bump your post.

good luck,
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Thank you so much!!!

What cream do you use? Do you think if I do what you said with bettercream and sniker will it work?..I just do not want to be too sweet..

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heavy cream. I think it's gonna be sweet for sure (but yummy), but that's why I would just use a thin layer.
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If you can get away with refrigerating this cake, maybe just whipped cream (not overly sweetened and stabilized with some "whip it") and chopped snickers might be less sweet.
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I actually use a dulce de leche filling with peanuts to mimick the snickers bar, you can usually get it at the grocery store in the " international" section, they have it canned, I like it a little bit thinner so i microwave it for a little bit with 2tbs of milk and stir, then let it cool down. i know there is a recipe to make it from canned sweet condensed milk but cooking a can has never seemed like a good idea to me. icon_biggrin.gif
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yum, sounds like a good idea, you could add some grated chocolate to it too to get that true snickers taste....
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Thank you everyone for your help...
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yummi...chocolate all the way!!! thanks
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I LOVE the Ever-So-Moist Chocolate cake recipe...I think by the Cake mix Doctor...I THINK. It's:

1 box chocolate cake mix with pudding added
1 C sour cream
3/4 c water
1/2 c vegetable oil
3 large eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
Bake at 350 28-32 mins 2 9'' round pans.

I was thinking that you could use either a caramel, or caramel BC with chopped peanuts sprinkled for the filling.
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How you make caramel BC? Thank you for the recipe!!!
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Here is a recipe for nougat that i found on the google doc. I have never tried it and know nothing about it. If it turns out like the actually nougat of a snickers bar, I woould layer it with peanuts and caramel inside the choc cake!

Nougat (For a "Snickers" cake) - K2Cakes
2 Cups of Soy Milk
9 oz. Soy Marg. (Earth Ballance)
24 oz. Sugar
2 tblsp. Vanilla Essence (or extract)
12 oz. dried Soy Milk powder
*Put the milk, margarine and sugar into a thick saucepan and heat, without stirring, on a low heat until it bubbles and triples in size.
Keep heat steady for 2 min (sugar thermometer, should be 235 F.) Cool. Add the vanilla essence and the dried soy milk and beat till creamy.
Pour into baking trays roughly the size of 48 mars bars and freeze for an hour.
Every path has its puddles.
Every path has its puddles.
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I've made caramel BC by just adding caramel to BC. You could also use some caramel flavored oil, such as Lorann's to enhance the caramel flavor without more sweetness added. HTH!
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How about a brown sugar buttercream, which tastes like caramel and then add chopped snickers. I am actually making a Snickers cake this weekend with a chocolate buttercream filling and am making a chocolate cake with the Snicker filling and will be using that brown sugar buttercream recipe.
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