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Cannoli filling?

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Hi CC! I have a friend who absolutely loves cannoli filling. Has anybody used cannoli filling as a cake filling? If so, how far in advance can you make the cannoli filling before you eat it? I was hoping to make the cannoli filling on Wednesday, torte the cake Thursday, and eat on Saturday - will this work out??

Any information is so greatly appreciated!
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I have no experience with it, but that sounds delicious (I'm Italian)!!!!! I would search to see if you can find Cake Boss's (Buddy Valastro) recipe--he is known for his cannoli, and I'm betting he's used it as a cake filling. Worth a Google!
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Just found this, but didn't search for long, so I'd search further:
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I made cannolis last year for a luncheon and had lots of filling left over so I used it to fill a choc. cake. It was soooooo delicious. The filling had been in my fridge about 3 days before I put it into the cake. So, your timeline sounds fine to me.
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Thank you everyone for the posts. If it turns out with good reviews, I'll post the recipe I end up using.
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Cannoli filling is used as the filling in Cassata cake.
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