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How Do I Make 3D Fondant/Gumpaste People???? - Page 5

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I thought you guys on this thread would really dig this as much as I do, here's a link to the cutest figure I've ever seen:

Interesting how so many figures are looking like Lorraine McKay's, she's just the best and sure has a lot of followers, me included.
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Well it didn't take long for you to find out about the new tutorial! icon_lol.gif I am hoping to finish it before I leave for Canada next week, I'm not too good with meeting my own deadlines these days. Oops! Kelly from Crafty Confections has in fact taken a couple of classes with me....both Bride and Groom. One was a few years ago and the other very recently in Cork, Ireland where she lives. I was teaching there at the end of May. Kelly is extremely talented not only in modelling but she makes the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. Absolutely amazing! She presented me with a little box for my journey home....they didn't last 5 minutes! icon_rolleyes.gif Soooo....yes!! The pregnant lady is very much requested so I have answered the call. I'm very happy with the photography and steps....there is a blink by blink account as usual....and also new techniques shown in the tutorial that I have only this far taught in class. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I am enjoying putting it all together. Class this weekend with keep me from writing but I will have 3 days dedicated next week and am hoping for a mid week finish. The pregnant lady posted on here looks FAB by the way! thumbs_up.gif
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OMG................................I can't speak right now.......
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Ignore my post!
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I'm sorry...but if you are asking for a copy of the tutorial that has been paid for by someone else then you are infringing my copyright. PM me if you have any enquiries regarding this. Cheers! thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks for sharing!! These cakes are so cute!!
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thank you all soooo much!! I have to make Princess Jasmine this weekend and to start this is going to help!!
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Thanks so so much, i been looking for this tutorial all over. Thanks thanks
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Great thread! thank you
"Life is cake!"
"Life is cake!"
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Anne Heap just released a Craftsy class where she shows exactly how to make them!!!  Yippie!!  It's 25% off using this link!


Here's the link:


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Your lady is so good.  Thanks for the instructions.

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Asome thank you
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You're very welcome.

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this is amazing work

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