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Heyyyy TLH !!Thanks!! - - - I just finished 3 more designs. I'm sooo excited about them, I almost don't want to share the pics! I'm loving my Lindy Smith cutters. Expensive, but they have helped me think outside the box a little.

RI is a pain in the dupa~ no matter how you slice it. But practice makes perfect....and, sometimes a literal pain in your neck!

You guys ever buy that stuff for your hair by John Frieda/Frizz Eez line? I have naturally curly hair and love it. There is one item in particular that I don't buy anymore but I thought it would be a neat thing to achieve shine. It was a sort of oil in a spray bottle & it was meant to help add shine to your hair. Of course I'm not suggesting we put hair products on our cookies. But, somebody should develop some kind of product. Maybe call it "glisten". A sort of clear coat nail polish for cookies. It would be in an aerosal can like those colors offered by Wilton or the shimmer stuff offered by (I forget who)....or of course an option for your airbrush.

There are several entreprenuers on here. Maybe somebody could apply their massive brain power to the idea and come up with something. It could be used on cakes too probably. Maybe not buttercream but fondant for sure.

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EvMarie - I just looked at your cookies and they are awesome. I like the idea of a spray shine in a can. I bet that wouln't be that hard to make (for those people that do that kind of thing). Also, I really like the backdrop you have for your Valentine cookies. Is that a tablecloth?
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EvMarie - What a fantastic idea!!! I love how you are always one step ahead. icon_biggrin.gif I still read over the PM you sent me. It came at a great time in my life.

I look forward to seeing your new work!
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
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Thanks for the compliment kaseyconnect!!! I've been trying to find my own style ever since I started cut outs. I'm having more luck with the rolled icings instead of just RI. I get super picky about my outlines so until I get better, I'll add the jimmies or sprinkles or consider a rolled icing option.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE TracyLH's photo's. I don't think I ever asked her about it, but her pictures always look so festive. And, it appears she coordinates her background. So, although, I don't have a huge selection, I've been picking up scrapbook papers here and there. The Valentine's Day cookie background is just a sheet of printed paper. It doesn't really "go" with the cookie design, but it's festive. I don't really have drawing talent or I would have tried one of the old fashioned Valentine images on the paper. That would be a super cute idea for those out there that can draw.

Check out your craft store. They have an entire isle of paper in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby here.
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Thanks for the tip on where to find that paper, EvMarie. It looks like vintage valentines and I just love that stuff. You are right, if a person could duplicate one of those images onto a cookie that would be super cute. But I bet it would be a lot of work.
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EvMarie - I do use scrapbook paper. icon_biggrin.gif I primarily get it at Micheal's. I try to stick with a solid background so as to not distract from the design, but sometimes you can find just the right one that draws out the image. I always shoot in natural light as well.

WOW!! icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif I just saw your new cookies that you posted yesterday! icon_eek.gif GORGEOUS! I love your design sense and your technique is just wonderful!
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
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I'm gettin' all teary eyed, I just read the other posts by TracyLH & kaseyconnect. I must have missed them on my last reply. It's been a long journey. Ya know, just trying to find my way with this baking thing. I just keep telling myself each little struggle will soon evolve into "where I'm supposed to be". I logged on today to find my wedding cookie had 500 and some views & a ton of favorites. I've officially turned the corner.

Now - if I learn how to outline in RI properly I'm set!!! Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it...
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EvMarie - Well, I think that your style is just exquisite! thumbs_up.gif I think you have more than turned a corner. You have more than mastered the technique that you use. Trust me, it took lots of trial and error to get a handle on mine. My lines used to be shaky, I had to hold my breath, it didn't feel 'natural' and now it is old hat and done with joy and ease (well, most of the time time). I have developed my own techniques to 'reinvent the wheel' and am always trying and learning something new. There have have had ups and downs along the way in dealing with other things and it is all a learning process. Pats to you on the back for all of your hard work and a job well done! I love your look and your design sense and, obviously, so do others! icon_biggrin.gif
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
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Hey Party People!!!

It seems I'm a bit "late" in thinking up my product called "glisten". It already exists! Shoot...I always do this. I thought I invented that pie crust saver too. You know those rings of metal that you place over your pie crust so it won't burn? I swear I thought of it & then I blinked and somebody put it in the stores! In truth - I just probably never noticed it!

Anyhooooo, I was watching Ace of Cakes and Duff commented that one of the decorators put "food lacquer" on this fondant covered fish cake. It was airbrushed first with several colors.

So, I found it on It's $42.00 an aerosal can.


I found a few discussions about it and it seems to be difficult to work with & is mostly used in sugar work & chocolate making. I didn't read extensively but "food lacquer" is the term to check on. If you want shiny cookies. I guess this is an option???

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I've heard of food lacquer... but is it edible?

I found a recipe here on CC for food varnish... but I've never used it. Maybe that's an option too?????
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The listing on for it says:

Edible Confectionery Spray used to place a brillant shine on chocolate,
marzipan, sugar showpieces and nougatine as well as other edible items.
Eliminates fingerprint marks and slight imperfections.
Lacquer spray neutral in smell and taste.
Protection from humidity.
Quick drying

It doesn't really say royal icing, buttercream, or fondant...which I'd assume are the materials most cake & cookie people deal with the bulk of the time...but it working on "other edible items" sounds promising. Personally, I'm not sure I'd pay $42 to have my cookies shine. I think I'll stick to the shimmer sprays. icon_smile.gif

I'll have to check out that food varnish. Any recipe has GOT TO be less expensive than the food lacquer. And, really....would you want to eat something called lacquer???

I'm just sayin' icon_smile.gif
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EvMarie - thanks for posting that info. I agree... I'm not loving the idea of eating "lacquer" (or "varnish" for that matter).
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the name of the site was blocked.......
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whoopsie luv2bake6....I'll pm you the site.
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