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First time serving a wedding cake TODAY

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So I know this is last minute, but I really need your wonderful tips and help. I have to serve my first wedding cake today. It is 4 tiered stacked cake (6in, 8 in, 10, 12) with a dowel through the center. What is the best way to pull the layers off? It will be sitting on a pretty cake base which adds about 7 inches to the cake. Should I just stand in a chair to remove them? Or should I just cut with them still stacked? I guess I am just asking the best way in your opinion to do this. I am very nervous. TIA!
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Hey there
I've never cut a cake for a wedding but i've seen Indydebi's guide which looks good - I don't imagine you would be able to cut it as per her instructions if it was still stacked so I guess i'd advise you to separate it before cutting besides i reckon it would be too unstable while stacked and the last thing you want is to have a pile of cake on the floor. Like i said i've not done it but hopefully one of the pros will set you straight.
Good luck anyway!
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If you need to stand on a chair to safely get the top tier off, then do so. I would slide all the tiers apart, especially if they are different flavors, if the entire cake is all one flavor, then I would take them off one by one, but start cutting the largest tier, so if there is a chance of leftover cake, you would have the smaller tiers left. If they are saving the top tier, get that one off and wrap and box it, so it doesn't accidentally get cut by the guy who had too many drinks beforehand and wants to be a part of the cake cutting ceremony! Good luck!
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I'd suggest pming IndyDebi. She truly is a pro at this and would gladly share her expertise!
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Thanks for all of your suggestions! I really appreciate them. Turns out I didn't have to cut the cake afterall. But this is great for future reference. and Indydebi's method looks so much easier than Wilton.
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