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Gymnastics Theme?

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I was asked to make cookies for a 9-year old girl's gymnastics birthday party. Any ideas what shapes i can make?
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Cartwheels cookie cutter:

Swimsuit/Leotard cookie cutter:

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Wow, that cartwheel cookie cutter is so cute! Unfortunately i don't have time to order any cutters, so i've gotta stick with what i have.
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Here are some decorated (rectangle) cookie favors for gymnasts:

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I did some a week or two ago, and it was REALLY hard to find ideas! I ended up using my projector to trace silhouettes onto the cookies.

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OMG, those are soooo amazing!! Can you send me the silhouette you used for the second one? I love that and i have a projector.

I need to add that she herself is not into gymnastics. It was just one of the choices given for party themes at the local gym and that's what she chose. The mom said she'd like to stick to the theme, but if it's too hard, we could come up with something close.
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I did gymnastic cookies awhile back for a gymnastics party. Here is the link:

I did these with "transfers" and then placed on top of a wet flooded cookie.
Hope they are inspiring! icon_smile.gif
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Thank you chefjulie. Where on earth did you find it? It's really great. Now i just have to put it into practice......... icon_rolleyes.gif

joanne, thank you for posting your pics. Those cookies are adorable. My problem is that i need to make about 50 of them and these seem very time consuming. They are very nice though.
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icon_eek.gif AGHHHHHH!!! I could NEVER have made FIFTY of them!!! There were VERY time consuming!! Have you considered edible images if you can make them?
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Yes, i do make edible images but i try to stay away from covering the entire cookie with one because they taste terrible. If i go that route, should i stick with one image or make a whole bunch of gymnastic themed pics on the frosting sheet?
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I just googled gymnastics silhouette, lol! They were SUPER quick with the projector- The silhouette only took about a minute or less per cookie icon_smile.gif
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