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Another thing I notice about scratch cakes is that they are best served at room temperature. If they are even a little bit cold, they feel hard and dry, but when they reach room temp., the are delish. If I have cupcakes in the fridge and can't wait, I'll zap one of them in the microwave for 5 seconds with good results.
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Will try the Confetti Cakes recipe again, but I tried the Whimsical Bakehouse recipe and really loved it.
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Respectfully, I think you may be using the wrong recipes. I bake exclusively from scratch and have very moist cakes. I don't freeze warm cakes, or do syrup soaks, or anything like that... I'm sorry you're having problems with this. I hope you find a recipe that works for you.
Good luck.
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A properly made scratch cake never needs anything added to it. That's what doctoring box mixes is for.
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Originally Posted by sadsmile

Just so you guys know there is a difference between moisture and being oily. Your mouth thinks oil is moisture-but it's not.

Not only that, but people also have been trained by advertising to think that the gummy texture of box mixes is "moist." That sells more cake mixes. I also agree that a properly made scratch cake won't need any "extras", cammyblake1 !
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I tried several different recipes now and was very pleased with The Whimsical Bakehouse recipe-nice taste and very moist, nothing added to it.

Thanks for all the replies. icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by m1m

How can I make a scratch recipe more moist?

I tried the Confetti Cakes recipe for white cake, but both my husband and I found it to be very dry.


To answer the original question, you can change the milk the half and half, or substitute a whole egg for an egg white. Increase the fat and the recipe might be more balanced. Don't overbake it, either. If it's pulling away from the side of the pan it's probably a bit too "done."
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Originally Posted by DebbyJG

I have a chocolate cake recipe that I won't waver from, because it is easy and always comes out perfect. icon_smile.gif What I'm in constant search for is a white or yellow cake that is just as perfectly moist. I tried once to take my chocolate cake recipe and..well, just take out the chocolate and see what happens. It was edible, but too dense/heavy, so my quest continues.
Who do you mean when you said "her chocolate cake recipe"? Because if whoever she is has a good chocolate recipe, maybe she has a good non-chocolate recipe too! icon_smile.gif

I meant the owner of Confetti Cakes- Elisa Strauss. It's in both of the Confetti Cakes books that I have read.
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I don't like to hear someone say, I make a box cake, how can you get a cake out of a box.  I never will make a box cake, when it so easy to put one together from

scratch.  But sometimes they can be dry.  I make a lot of cakes every month and sometimes I use sugar water with a flavoring also.  One particular cake that is

a old, old, old recipe from my grandmother, has sugar water in it.  Yes it is so moist, sugar water just means, 1 part sugar to 1 part water.  I usually use 1 cup sugar

to 1 cup water, boil for a few minutes and let cool.

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I use to bake from box mix but now I use Marsha winblecker French vanilla sour cream cake is so moist and I had a lot of compliments here is the recipe
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Oh, I thought it was Roland's recipe

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They're married
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