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daffodil cake

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hey great bakers!

I am new to this forum and also new to the baking world and i have a tiny winy problem. I want to make a daffodil cake for my best friend but i cannot seem to find any tutorial online. LIke i have seen how they make the flowers and everything but I want to see how the cake is made and how the entire decoration is made using fondant and marsepein

Can anyone help me??

This is the cake i want to make Image


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oh i love daffodils, this cake is so cute, i can't wait to find out how to make them.
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mee tooo icon_rolleyes.gif

anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???? Isnt there anyone who can help us out here???

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hey bakers,

Its amazing that this forum consists of thousand of professional bakers but yet not one is willing to share a tutorial on a daffodil cake

Can someone please help me??


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A couple of things to remember is that, the professional bakers you are talking about are probably in the middle of working on their wedding cakes and other cakes for the weekend.

Plus not everyone has time to make a cake, take pictures and type up a tortorial just to show something it done. I will occasionally take pictures of something in the step by step process, but I don't take a cake I see online and redo it just to give someone else a tutorial.

Do you know who actually made that cake? If you found it on a website you can always email them to see if they are willing to help answer specific questions about the design.

You said you have seen how to make the flowers, so use that to make the flowers. As far as how to do the cake, my guess is that it is round cakes on the bottom, and a half ball or even the wonder mold pan used for the top.

For the stems you can use a clay extruder to make them out of fondant or just roll out logs/ropes of green fondant. Cut them to the lenght you need to be then attach them to an iced cake. For the flowers, if you do use a rounded cake on top, then I would just ice it and attached the flowers to it.
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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TexasSugar's post about this is completely right. she has helped you in a great way.
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It looks pretty simple, if you already know how to do the daffodils, a good tutorial on that is
The rest of the cake just looks like ropes of fondant for the stems, and I would use some kind of half circle dome for the top, like styrofoam, rice krispy treats covered in green fondant, and just attach the daffodils to that.
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Perhaps you are rite and perhaps you are wrongicon_smile.gif Becuz scrolling through the forum, i can see that there are great helpers out there who are willing to help beginners out!

The one who has made this cake is awsus and she is a member of this forum. I have pmed her but I havent got any answers so I am waiting.

It might be easy for you to say just do this and this and this but you have to take in consideration that this is my first cake and therefore I need extra help icon_wink.gif


Thanks for the comments

nori icon_biggrin.gif
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Nori, yes there is alot of help out there. I thought I gave you some good information. I'm at work right now, so no I can't pull out cake and fondant and take pitures of the exact in process steps for making this cake, nor would I even if I was at home.

Of course there are alot of how to's out there as well, but I'm willing to bet that 9 times out of 10 those people didn't just say, you know what I've never done this cake before and I am going to write a How to on it as I do it.

I can understand that you may need help, but I can't read your mind on exactly what it is you need extra help with? Is there a specific question you have?
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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Cute cake! If I were attempting this cake, I would approach it just as TexasSugar posted. The stacked rounds with half a ball pan on top, iced with flours attached and use the extruder for the stems.

Seems kind of the like the barrel cakes with candy on top.

Noorya - I think people didn't answer at first because you were asking for a tutorial. "but I want to see how the cake is made and how the entire decoration is made using fondant and marsepein" There may just not be one made for this type of cake.

I can only imagine how time consuming it is to make a tutorial and, being a visual learner, I greatly appreciate the makers of the ones I do come across. The rest of the things I just make by trial and error, attempting what I *think* may have been done to create that outcome. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I chalk it up to a learning experience!

Good luck with your cake! I bet your friend will love it!!
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Hi Niri. You're very brave, because this is a pretty ambitious cake for a first timer, but I'm sure your friend will be pleased.

There are a lot of things the members here probably take for granted that you know. The people who have posted so far have given you very good advice. If you're brand new, you may not know that you first need to frost the cake with a buttercream icing. That will give you something to stick your fondant stems to. If your cake is over four inches high, you'll need to support the top layer with dowels or straws. Another way to do the top without making a dome shaped cake is to make a dome out of fondant. That way you can just lift the entire top off, flowers and all, before you cut the cake. Also, you must be sure to make the flowers way ahead of time. It will take many hours to make that many daffodils out of gumpaste. When I made mine, I made the flowers over the two weekends before the cake was due. HTH. Good luck!
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All I wanted to say to the OP that if you thought TexasSugar is not willing to help the begginers, you are so wrong, she was probably just being practical. I am a newbie too and pretty new in CC but I know how she goes out of her way to help everyone out. There is a reason she is a forum superstar!
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The stems are fondant ropes.
If you want the easiest way, I'd make 3 6 inch cakes with a 1/2 sports ball pan on top; just ice the cakes in green and set the stems first, then the flower heads.
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Tommy's favorite song? Roll roll roll your goat
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thanks so much kathycakes for finding the tutorial
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TexasSugar, has always helped me. Go to her profile and look at all of her post and you can read the info she has given to others, that will give you a load of other tips that you might also like.
God Bless Everyone
God Bless Everyone
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