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The green fondant on my last cake was his...white that I put a few drops of green in.
I HATED it...tastes fine, but full of air bubbles, too pliable (yes...there is such a thing...especially when your trying to cut a stripe, and it wont stay straight cuz it keeps stretching out). Interestingly enough, the bottom tier of the same cake is made with fondarrific. I cannot believe they are t he same product.
The lemon is gross....tastes like a really badly flavored lemon candy.
I will use however, use the black and the chocolate.
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Nope never read the instructions until briefly after I posted Lol Still don't like it as much as Satin Ice icon_smile.gif
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I just finished a cake last night using his red and blue fondant. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I thought it tasted and smelled pretty good too. With a coupon it was a great price plus I don't have to pay the shipping I usually pay when ordering online. I am really excited to have color options in town now. Our cake store only offers white and chocolate.
Here is a link to the cake project I just finished using his fondant.
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I just made my first batch of home made buttercream, it was very pliable and way easy to break.. I went to Micheal's and saw Duff's and wanted to buy it, but didnt have any money with me or a coupon, so i didn't get it.. but I plan on trying it.. although making my buttercream was cheap.. I made 2 lbs and spent maybe $5 making it.. if that.. But I will have to try it soon..

I will never use fondant other than rolled buttercream fondant.. but like someone said it does take awhile for it to dry out unlike reg. fondant.
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