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How to make ballet pointe shoes? Any advice welcome!

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I have a client that wants a pointe shoes cake. She wants 2 shoes one kind of overlapping the other. Any advice on how to carve them or any advice on how to structure the 2 shoes so that one shoe is overlapping the other would be very very much appreciated! Thank you soo much!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Does she want these larger than normal to make enough cake servings, or is this a "small" cake and she wants them actual size? I would personally cut my "boards" the shape of the sole of the shoe, then carve the shape of the shoe, fill, crumb coat, then cover in fondant. Then I would put a dowel or two in the cake that will be on the bottom where the other one will lay on it, then lay the top cake on.
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I'd use two mini loafs to carve pointe shoe shapes, then cover in fondant individually and place on a larger cake in whatever position you need them in, doing the ribbons lastly.
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Thank you so much for helping me! She wants it to be 25 servings total for the shoes. Would one of the regular cardboard cake boards be strong enough to support the one shoe lifted up on the other one? I usually use straws for dowels would they work for this? Thanks!!
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If she wants all the servings to be shoes, you might want to carve each one out of larger cakes, and put a "notch" in the side of the bottom shoe, cover both shoes in fondant and then set the top shoe into that notch so they overlap? Its hard trying to describe what's in my head!
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What do yo mean by a notch? Like a straw? Thanks! : )
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Its hard to explain what i mean, I've attached a very very poorly made visual aide done in MSPaint by yours truly! I'm thinking create two matching cakes. Pointe shoes do not differ from right to left foot, so they can be identical. Then cover them in fondant and emboss/color/paint/luster to your heart's content. The section I've made yellow, I'm thinking cut out a wedge of that cake the same width as the other cake, and remove it. This will leave a slope from the middle of the shoe outwards, as opposed to a "hole" in the cake. Then position your second cake into that hole and dowel them, or if you don't want to break the fondant, dowel the first one and nestle the other cake onto the dowel (only if you're sure of your measurements). Then attach ribbons. Depending on the size you've made them, they could serve the whole amount, or you could make them smaller (think loaf pans) and then then place them atop a larger cake. HTH!
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Great Graphics! You do cake and art! OH, Cake Art! Ha Ha.
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Thanks! I try. MSPaint can be useful sometimes. I think most of us creative types are visual learners, so it can be hard trying to get headpictures across in just words, LOL. icon_biggrin.gif
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It might be difficult to get 25 servings from life size shoes - it would probably be good to put them on a small cake - could be any shape you want though.
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Thanks ya'll for all the advice!! Nyteryre that visual aid is awesome! Thanks so much!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Of course! be sure to let us know how the cake turns out!
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Holly Berry - how did it go? I hope well! I'm a dance teacher, so I'm intrigued!
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