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@ Cake Mommy - I am getting ready to purchase Cake Boss and I found your comments very helpful! I felt like yes you tried it and you thought it was great just not for you.
End of story! Do not stop giving your honest opinion because one person gave theirs and decided to be a little agressive with it! DID I MENTION I'M STILL GOING TO PURCHASE!

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I'm so glad to hear you all love Cake Boss software. And thank you CakeMommy for your honest, positive and candid review. I'm sorry you were verbally assaulted for posting your honest opinion about preferring your tried and true method. To each his own, right? icon_smile.gif

I am in the process of starting a business and just found CC. I have learned so much in the last 48 hours of exploring this site!! I am kind of already sold on the Cake Boss software, but I am not at the point where I need it yet, and for the price, I want to make sure it will be a worthwhile purchase. Does anyone know of any other software that I can compare it to? I am happy to find out that I get a discount by being a member here!!
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I am also looking for a software to help me organize a new business venture.  I am currently pricing by the seat of my pants and I need to find a way to make it simple and easy to have a stable pricing matrix.  I'm happy to see all the good reviews.  I think it might just have to go on my Christmas list.icon_smile.gif

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I'm loving what I see about the Cake boss software, but is it still out there? I've tried the cake boss site and it's not working. In searching on bing I only find it mentioned on cake central and found some article about the Discovery Channell  being sued over the name cake boss and that the small business known as Cake Boss prior to this show won their lawsuit. Does anyone know where I can find the software? Thanks.

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Thanks everybody. I plan on buyng cake boss this week

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I just got the cakeboss software a few weeks ago. It is a fabulous tool. You also get 10% off if you are a cake central member. Here is the link:

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Thanks so much for  the link! I went to and it wasn't working the other day when I tried. Thanks again!

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Were you able to use the link? I tried in a few min ago and it is not working. :-(

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Hi All,


After months of pondering, I'm finally ready to purchase but suddenly IT"S GONE icon_surprised.gif and I'm devastated icon_cry.gif.  I've tried the website, the link from Cake Central, I've googled.  Cannot find it anywhere.  Any ideas?

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It's working right now...

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Could they have been finally updating it to 2012 instead of 2010 and took the site down for that?  I just typed in the site and it was working just fine.  I've been wanting the software for a very long time, but it always said 2010 and I didn't want to pay to get it then a few months later pay again for the updated version.  So I waited. I noticed it no longer says 2010 on it, but I still don't know if it's updated to 2012 or not.  Anyone have any idea on the update part?  If it's updated then I'll get either next week or right after the first of the year so I can start to see an improvement on one, my files, and two my prices. 

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I just bought it a few days ago and I am still trying to learn all about it! I have used Quicken for the past several years for invoices, etc but thought I would give CakeBoss a try to see if I could really see how much I am earning/vs spending

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I haven't seen any recent responses. Has anybody recently purchased CakeBoss?

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Originally Posted by CupcakeCarly View Post

I haven't seen any recent responses. Has anybody recently purchased CakeBoss?

Not recently but I've had it for the last year. Love my CakeBoss! It really helps you see the cost of making a cake. You still have to input the correct hourly wage for your area for a decorator of your skill. You also need to understand time consumed on a cake. It's a wonderful tool with a small learning curve. You will really enjoy it! IMO


Feel free to PM if you have any questions. Since you're a CC member, you can get 10% off.



"The only thing better than a cake is two cakes"




"The only thing better than a cake is two cakes"

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Where can I purchase Cake Boss Software?


Thank you



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