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Originally Posted by FromScratch

Wow... I must give you a round of applause. I saw things start to get defensive (and anyone would feel that way in your shoes... it's not easy to hear some of the things that have been thrown around... even if they were meant with the best of intentions) and then the light went off. You took constructive criticism and used it to better yourself. So many times it goes the other way with people getting offended and it is great to see people have that "wait a minute... I *am* worth more" moment.

It might sound corny, but I'm proud of you. Baby steps, and before you know it you'll be on the top of your game. icon_smile.gif

What she said icon_biggrin.gif
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I so appreciate the support y'all. I know everyone here has useful information and it is great that you will share it.

I will make sure to take cupcakes with my to the meetings. I am actually going to make some really nice books. Luckily, we have a really really great photo printer - so I got some professional 60lb matte paper and am printing the pictures directly on that and they look awesome! Then I am going to bind them together using a perfect bind technique and create a great cover. So it will actually look like a book! We are going to make it slightly smaller than a normal binder size to make it stand out a little bit more. And there is a pocket inside for business cards. Hopefully with that and the cupcakes, they will be happy to refer me to their brides!

I am going to be working on more dummies this week so I will have several others to include in the books.

Do y'all think it is ok to just show up at venues during the week? Some of their websites say that you must call to book an appt, but they are talking about getting a tour. So does that apply to me still or can I just show up? I am not sure about protocol when it comes to this.
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Definitely call ahead, people don't like it when you interrupt them! No reason to start out on the wrong foot with people.
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Was going through some old threads and found this one. As it turns out, the OP has decided to close down the business. I can't help wondering if the (under)pricing concern raised in the thread were part of the reason. *Shrugs* Who knows?
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maybe she dealt with a couple of brides and their planners and decided that people who are planning weddings are all crazy.
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icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif Yeah, that's a valid reason alright.
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It's certainly possible underpricing was the reason, that's the danger of basing your prices on other people's prices instead of your own costs.

Or it could have been the TX cottage food law.
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