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No problem! I was just curious. I've seen them called both things by different people, but never both things by the same person. I originally thought Lollycakes was an East Coast thang, ya know? I was just curious if there actually was a difference =) I appreciate your suggestion!
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icon_smile.gif no prob!
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check this website. Has gorgeous pictures of cakeballs or cake lollipops.
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Thank you everyone for your experience on pricing. Its really hard when its friends and I have to learn to get beyond that.
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Ok, how are some of you even covering costs?  a 25 pack of sticks is at least 3.00  if you are using boxed cake and frosting and get them on sale, you would pay at least a dollar each.  candy melts are 2.99 a pack when they are on sale.  thats at least 8 dollars in ingredients?  plus if you use sprinkles, another color etc.  Be competitive.  Call your local bakeries.  Most bakeries in my area charge AT LEAST 3.25 a pop.  One in particular is 40 a dozen.  You also need to pay yourself for your time.  I don't just cover the cost of my ingredients and not count and pay myself for my time that I spent making them.

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Always check the posting date. This thread is nearly 3 years old - lots of things have changed since then  ...

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exactly Auzzi-


And When I got my sticks I paid $10 for 100. Melts were $.69 per 100 grams.


Cost was about $0.30 a pop for me.


I dont do them anymore, but my price would have still been around $2 each for the FARMERS markets I was at.

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I do these all the time. People love them. We charge $1.75 for our 'truffles' and $2 if they are on a stick. That is for sprinkles on top. Flowers or shapes are extra.

I recently seen some pops for sale at a local supermarket for $2 each. 

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There is a local cake store where I live, and they sell a bulk bag of the sticks- 500 for $7!

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we charge $25/dozen and up depending on the design... people have no problem paying it either.

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