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This tread is just in time that my husband cousin is asking me for a simple cake (picture below and is not my cake)
I do not sell cakes and I told her this is a expensive gift and she said "I want just a simple cake box cake" like box really save me all the time "simple" doesn't exist when you have a full time job and two kids..... sorry I am so mad :-xs


i did not know that it came out of the box that way. i'll have to find that store!!


a friend kindly sent me a craigslist ad--that's really the first clue. if a person is seeking a custom cake off craigslist, that's the same as saying, "i am not going to pay retail for this." IMO.  Anyway, the ad requests a birthday cake (no sizes given) and 4 dozen custom decorated cookies. The pic of the cookies showed 5 different cookies, surfboards, a hibiscus flower and a custom logo design, all piped. Forget that I can't do that, the budget was $200. I simply replied that the lady was high if she thought she'd get those cookies for less than $60/doz. 

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