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Originally Posted by janessweetcreations

... I would love to go to pastry/ culinary school but am almost 40 and have 4 kids and husband and I already own one business auto related.

You are NEVER too old to follow your dream.
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Great thread. Thanks OP! icon_biggrin.gif
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Don't let people make you feel that way. People become Chefs various ways. Your mom taught you a lot and you have learned more a long the way. My husband grew up working in his family restaurant starting at age 14. It is all he's known his whole life. Worked there 20 years before his father sold it off (after promising my husband the restaurant would be his one day and that he was building his own future and working 100+ hours a week I COUNTED especially as a newly wed I COUNTED!) his father sold it and did not give him a dime. My husband was crushed. He had no idea how to write a resume or go on a job interview, he'd been the manager of his dad's restaurant for years. He never got to go to college, or work anywhere else. I wrote his resume and applied to jobs for him as he was lost and depressed with the whole mess, he ended up with a great job with a corporate restaurant chain. He has 20 years of on the job training and 15+ years of management experience. Just because he did not go to school or study with a stranger does not mean he is not a professional. Don't think that just because your parent taught you their trade that your "not a professional". You can always take continuing ed cake classes. Pastry school really does not focus all that much on cake anyway, it's a drop in the bucket among bread, croissants, plated desserts etc. Don't get me wrong I think it gives me a huge edge as I know a LOT of recipes and techniques I would not otherwise know. But a pastry degree is not required to do cakes. A pastry degree is usually required to be an Executive Pastry Chef - but not a cake decorator.
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p.s. when I say continuing ed. I do not mean those wilton classes either.

I mean Nicholas Lodge, Colette Peters, Things via ICES, continuing ed. cake classes offered by The Culinary Institute of America, professional level continuing ed. you do not have to have a degree to take those classes and YES they are expensive but much less expensive than a culinary college degree and much more relevant to cakes.
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When we started seriously thinking that we might open a business, we thought it would be good experience to work in some of the local shops, but I didn't think it would be fair to them to go work in them when the thought of becoming their competitor. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I've taken several classes with Bronwen and a great one with James Rosselle, Jason Ellis and Joshua Russell, besides seminars and stuff at various cake competitions. I want to take more, time and money is the biggest obstacle right now.

I have not gone to culinary school although I think it would be cool to go. I've been a computer programmer for 20+ years and opening this business is a second career. In the few months we've been open, we've been to a bridal fair and had a booth at a business expo. The biggest surprise to me was the people, at both events, that wanted to come take classes with me! icon_eek.gif I was so surprised. One girl had finished culinary school and was a chef but wanted to come learn from me.

I think teaching would be a lot and it has been something I've thought about. I need to get the business off of the ground first and feel like I have the skills to teach. Regardless of that, I was EXTREMELY honored that they thought enough of my work to even request that. So far, no "let me come watch you and learn everything" though... thankfully....YET. icon_wink.gif
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Thanks for the encouragement...I did a shower cake yesterday and got an order for a graduation cake and a sweet 16 birthday cake from 2 different guests all because they loved it so much. Big boost to my confidence.
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I don't know if this has been stated, but I know that some professionals charge a shadow fee. In my town, the sofisticated wedding planners charge anywhere from $500-$1000 per day if you want to see what a day in the life is. I think bakers and decorators should do the same thing.
I mean, honestly, I never shadowed anyone. I learned the skill from my Wilton courses and by becoming a member of CC. But if someone wants to shadow me for a day for a fee like that, I'd put something together to show them in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, I think I may just do that!
Despite difficult economic times, I'm determined to be rich!
Despite difficult economic times, I'm determined to be rich!
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for a fee like that I suppose I could deal with being "watched" for a day. LOL
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