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Originally Posted by FierceConfections

What's funny to me is that the people who complain the most about pricing threads are the same people who can't stay away from them. Ironic.

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I don't think another forum just for pricing is necessary. It is usually clearly stated in the thread title. So, if one doesn't want to participate in yet another one, don't enter. They're going to go across the main page and be a temptation for anyone regardless.

As for being beneficial to those hunting for pricing help....I can't see it helping much.

What WOULD HELP tremendously is if people would use the search option and put forth some effort before posting. Those that like to help (and those that do but don't like to admit they do) wouldn't get so irate if the poster of those threads researched a bit before posting.

In thinking about a separate pricing forum....and the search option....I can see folk starting a new thread without searching because they didn't think that there would be anything that applied to THEIR cake and THEIR situation.

ooooooooooh...How does one make one of those those someone made for cake flavors and other things? To create a document that included all the previous "How much would you charge?" and "How much should I charge?" threads. Then, ask for it to be made a sticky...but that probably won't stop the new threads on an old may reduce them a bit.

Once people begin responding to the old thread, it'll make it's way across the main page and there goes the temptation to respond to it....
"Be the change you want to see in the world."- Mahatma Gandhi

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"Be the change you want to see in the world."- Mahatma Gandhi

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Originally Posted by ApplegumKitchen

Seriously, though here's ALL you need to take into consideratoin:
1) cost of ingredients including shipping or gas + wear and tear on your vehicle to go to the store
2) cost of utilities used while making and decorating: electricity, gas, water.
3) how long it took you x how much you want to make per hour

If you know that, then you can figure out how much to charge for ANY cake. "[/b]

Apple is won't make a difference. I think the majority of the people asking aren't in a "running a business" frame of mind in the first place. They're seeing $15.96 on the grocery store receipt, and thinking if they get a $20 bill handed to them at delivery time...they're ahead. icon_sad.gif

All a lot of them want to hear is $XX/serving. Period. Their head spins at the response I quoted above. And unfortunately, some kitty kissers get bent out of shape when you have the audacity to suggest that the person some homework to help themselves. Oh the horror. tapedshut.gif

I wonder if Duff had someone tell him "what he needed to charge". I wonder if Sylvia Weinstock took the pricing advice of "2 times cost" when she started out. Hmmmmmmm. I think it better to get real advice. Some us know what real advice is, some us know how to kiss kitties and get that $20 bill. Takes all kinds I guess.
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I just did a little experiment. I went into the forum search, typed in "what should I charge", then clicked on "search topic title only". WOW! Maybe we should just have a sticky explaining how to do a proper search!
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A pricing forum would be beneficial, but I think anyone and everyone is entitled to ask that question. It seems to be the most confusing aspect when someone begins doing cakes. Even while using Cake Boss, I still sometimes have trouble coming up with a price that is fair to me and to a client. CakeCentral is the best forum for cake decorators of all skill levels. Personally, I find it frustrating when someone decides something is posted to often or not asked the correct way and so on. Some people are great decorators but not the greatest writers. Some people are great writers but not the greatest decorators. Or, there a few, like myself, who are both a great decorator and a great writer icon_wink.gif

In any case, I like to treat everyone with the same respect and kindness I hope to be treated with when I need help with something. JMO icon_smile.gif
~ Amy ~
~ Amy ~
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Here we go again - same 'ol same 'ol

I think CC is just going down the evolution path that Forums take..

Forum open to everyone
Few experienced members with lots of knowledge WILLINGLY assist multitudes of newbies
Newbies get used to have their personal resource centre on tap - there grows a sense of entitlement within this community
Newbies are entitled to ALL and god forbid that somebody should actually tell them the truth, once in a while
The experienced core of dutiful members get burnt/hurt by the constant stream of negativity towards their endeavours to educate/assist

Do you know what follows?

Over time - those knowledgeable, expereienced decoraters (WHO I might add are ALSO looking/seeking to broaden their knowledge, enjoy comraderie with fellow decoraters) begin to LOOK elsewhere - they drift off a few at a time.

What's left? - a bunch of people who can't even tie their own shoelaces let alone figure out hoW to actually make/bake/decorate and wait for it.... PRICE A CAKE!!

To those people who say..... DON'T OPEN THE PRICING THREADS if you are not wanting to answer/contribute to them.... funny I NEVER SEE any helpful suggestions from any of you - just a PLAY NICE grumble.

There are "invitation only" forums out there - mostly experienced decoraters - or at least those that can fit into their 'big girl britches" and can roll with the punches - no sugar coating over there!!

Last word..... if you think CC is a 'mean and nasty' place - you will NEVER survive in business! - this place is a picnic compared to REAL-LIFE cake business!
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