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Recipes for homemade condensed milk to give you an idea what it is.
Tommy's favorite song? Roll roll roll your goat
Tommy's favorite song? Roll roll roll your goat
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resurrecting this old thread because I just came across a recipe that I'm sure has some steps missing.

Every month, there is a group of us who get together for an afternoon to try new dishes and exchange the recipes. (And of course we have to sample good wines that go with this great food!) So I'm always searching for new ideas to take to this gathering.

Looking for a chicken-chili recipe, I find one that is "workable" but a bit vague and I think it fits in this topic we've been discussing. And this one wasn't found in an old church cookbook but on a reputable internet site.

"1 onion, chopped" ...... green onion? small onion? big purple onion? sm. white onion? 1/2 cup? 3 cups?

In the list of ingredients there are "2 ears of fresh corn". But nowhere in the steps does it say to pre-cook the corn or not; or whether we cut the corn off of the cob! Now SURELY when their directions say "add corn, chicken and beans....." they don't want me to throw two big 'ole ears of corn in the pot!

As I said .... "workable", but vague. I can ASSUME they want the corn scraped off because i dont' see a big honkin' ear of corn in the bowl of soup in the photo, but never assume. Steps need to be spelled out.

And if someone wanted to substitute canned corn; or frozen corn; or corn they'd grown and put-up themselves ..... how many cups of corn are "2 ears"?

Oh ... something else I found interesting. The recipe calls for canned chicken, canned broth, canned tomatoes, canned chili's, canned beans and dried (not fresh) herbs. But we need 2 EARS of FRESH corn????? icon_eek.gif

Just an interesting example I thought I'd share ......!
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Interesting forum topic!! I'm from the UK.

I would love to try loads of the recipes on the gourmet recipes thread but have similar issues to other posters.

Recently, I have been searching through the CC recipes section and felt disheartened because it is so difficult to convert the US measurements into UK grams and millilitres. I went online to use some of the online conversion calculators, but they all give different results. For example, one says 1 cup of all purpose flour is 150g and the other says it's 115g - there is a big difference there.

Do any of you know of any reliable online conversion charts which are accurate and will give me the correct measurements?
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Throwing this in about pudding:
The U.S. has 2 kinds of boxed pudding mix- instant and cooked. The Gourmet recipe thread is speaking of instant pudding. To make a dessert, you add milk, mix, and refrigerate until set.

You also add milk to cooked pudding but you heat it slowly on the stove until it boils and then refrigerate it until it set. This version tastes more like custard than instant pudding.
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