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Cakemommy - Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience! Even though I no longer sell it, I'm always upset to hear about any negative experiences with P-chef! Their products are usually very reliable and I've never heard anyone have any problems with customer service. Just wanted to say sorry!
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Yeah, I'm pretty upset! I never heard anything back from Pampered Chef. I was pretty furious when I wrote my email but then edited it down after I cooled down and so it wasn't so bad. I was really hoping to hear back from them and hoping they would send me a new scoop but NOPE! That sealed the deal!!! I love their stuff and that's the reason I am willing to pay their higher price! Now I'll just have to go to Wal-Mart or Target and get something that will probably break sooner. Darnit!! I have to stand firm on my decision though! icon_cry.gif

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So, if I get a new scoop for you, will you buy products from me? (just a suggestion. I am joking with a bit of seriousness in it! LoL
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I would definately buy products from you! I love their stuff. I'm just being stubborn!!! But still dissappointed!

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I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with PC. Although from what I am reading it sounds like your scoop was out of warrenty therefore PC does not have to replace the scoop. Had the item been under the warranty PC would have replace the scoop for you. I have always had great turn around with returns and such. I am sorry that you feel this way.
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Ok Cakemommy, I will see what I can do, even if I have to buy it for you! What size was it?
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Cakemommy - I hear you! I'm that way too. It's the point. But in this case, I would probably make an exception. Not to downgrade any dept store, but their kitchen products aren't nearly as good as PC stuff. You will be spending more in the long run. I have been trying to convince my mom (who is a Wal-Mart junkie) of that for years. I don't sell it anymore so I have nothing at stake for saying this. It's just simply that PC products are better quality. But there are other companies that sell quality kitchen products too. I would take a look around online before wasting too much $$ on dept store kitchen tools and gadgets...
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I am a Pampered Chef Consulatant, but I am not hard core like some people. I started doing it when my son was a couple of months old for some extra cash. I like their products and use a lot of them for cake decorating. Pampered Chef is very easy to do but I am not a very pushy person. I try to have a show every couple of months to stay active. Good luck!
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Love most all of Pampered Chef products, especially their new mixing bowls!!! My Aunt sells it and I have "silent" parties for her every 6-8 weeks just so I can earn free hostess gifts. Good Luck with it!
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I love Pampered Chef. I had a party a couple of years ago and I ended up with so much free stuff that it felt like a second bridal shower!!!
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AND, now i'd addicted to twixit clips for closing my piping bags when I've over filled them or I'm taking them with me on a delivery! No more frosting wrists for me!
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rvalee, my mom and your mom should get together! I'm forever telling her to spend a little more money on her kitchen products, something is always breaking. She still has harvest gold/avocado plastic measuring cups, banging head on counter as I post this message. I keep telling her we need to let the old measuring cups go to a happier place, preferably the trash. icon_smile.gif I'm a bad daughter. BUT if I find something I really like I always pick up an extra for her.
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Bikegal, my mom is finally starting to see the error of her ways! She is now addicted to the scrapers. She loves them. But she still has a couple of her older ones. The ones where the scraper part comes off the handle! I actually took one of them with me to my shows when I was still demonstrating just so people could actually see and feel the difference. Now, I'm trying to get her interested in the Nylon Tools. She has cheap, flimsy ones. I have all the Nylon tools and the some of the PC cookware, which I adore! Anyway, this is kind of off the point a bit, but I had to share.
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Oh yeah, Tastycakes, I never thought of using them for piping bags. DUH!! What a fantastic idea. I don't use the twixit clips much at all, but I guess I will be now!
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I use the twixit clips for icing bags too! They came in handy when I took a dozen icing bags into kids club so they could decorate cookies with them!

Hope your day is a piece of cake!
Hope your day is a piece of cake!
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