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inexpensive containers for cookie bouquets

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I apologize if this question has already been asked but I searched through this forum and couldn't find what I was looking for.

What type of containers (other than coffee mugs) do people put their cookie bouquets in? Can anyone recommend a place to buy inexpensive containers?

Thanks in advance! I've learned so much in this forum!
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Clay pots are usually pretty cheap.

They can be decorated with paints, decoupage (gift wrap and Mod Podge) or just some tissue pulled up around the sides and tied with a pretty ribbon.

I like to shop the dollar stores and the clearance section of the home improvement and craft stores for containers.
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i have found some cute square containers in the $1 area right inside the front door of Target. They look kinda like chinese food containers without the lid flaps and are usually somewhat seasonal designs.
Every path has its puddles.
Every path has its puddles.
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When I find them in the $1 section at Target or somewhere like that, I buy a whole bunch to have on hand.
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At Xmas I went to Walmart and bought some beautifully decorated gift bags for $1.00, put some beans in the bottom and then styrofoam and that made it sturdy enough for the cookies. If the bag had snowmen and birds, then I made snowmen and birds for cookies. It really looked great. I bought glass dessert bowls, put some raffia on the bottom, added 6 truffles and packaged it with clear cellaphane and nice bow.

If it's for Valentines, maybe get some vases, put a little tissue paper inside to hide the cookie sticks and create volume and interest. For 3 cookie bouquets, I will use some tall clear glasses. I've used the little colored pails that come out each season. Get a plain container and glue some pretty wrapping paper around it. Just look at anything and everything and see if it would make a unique container. I seem like a pro here running off like that, but I try to think outside the box. Good luck and have fun hunting!
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I am always browsing around looking for things to use as cookie bouquet containers. I just recently bought a bunch of red Christmas containers on clearance that will be great for Valentine's. I'm generally repurposing things that are meant for somethign completely different.

I also check out Dollar General regularly.

When in a pinch, and I haven't anything else on hand, I will use terra cotta pots and paint htem.
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I was also going to say "target". But I find the little tin pails with handles. Now they have valentines ones out. $1 each. Right inside the front doors.
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Dollar Store is good as well as Christmas Tree Shops. I also check out clearance at Walmart, Target etc. and Yard sales.
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I got some cute little red dessert bowls on clearance, pack of 4 for 50 cents. It's funny, I must be really early because I was out there hunting and a lot of stores don't even have their valentines stuff up yet.
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