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TexasSugar is right. the first night is the most work of Course I. There's more involved in Courses II and III but, once you have done it awhile, it's no big deal. It's definitely not a nine to five but if it's something you enjoy doing, you'll enjoy doing it. Plus there are other benefits than just pay.

As far as qualifications go, they do prefer that you have taken their courses but, if you haven't, when you sign up, they give you tapes to watch that take you through all three courses. Ofcourse, I believe that any person should only do this if they TRULY care about people learning the techniques or at least give them to ability to start learning. The rest is up to the student. I think it's sad to hear when someone has taken a class and their instructor was not informative or fun. We don't know it all but if your going to take on the title as instructor, then instruct. Put it this way, if you don't think you had a good experience as a student wouldn't you want YOUR students to walk away with a better one?I actually became an instructor because of a bad experience. I think that is why I look at every class and try my best to teach but also make it fun to spend the time together.