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"Soft" Royal Icing Recipe

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I thought I saw on CC a recipe for royal icing that does not dry rock hard. Now, of course, when I want it, I can't find it - or even remember if I even saw it. . . maybe I just thought I did. CRS is worse than ever these days! Does anyone know of a recipe?


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Cathy, I think a lot of the cookie people on here use Antonias74 icing and seem to love it. I have added corn syrup to the RI recipe I use and that does seem to soften it up a bit, but I am not an expert on cookie decorating. You probably need an answer from GeminiRJ or TraceyLH

Sorry I couldn't be of more help

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Alice's Cookie icing isn't "technically" royal, but it does dry hard enough to stack cookies. It remains soft enough to bite into, though.

I add flavorings to mine when I make it...vanilla and almond usually.
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You can add corn syrup or even a bit of honey to keep royal icing from drying rock hard. I do it all the time.
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approx how much corn syrup would you add to one batch of antonia's RI?
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Anotnia74's RI recipe does not dry "rock hard". It is hard enough to stack and bag, but on top of cookies, is is not hard enough to crack teeth or make it difficult to bite into.

I add some corn syrup to my royal icing (I use Antonia74's recipe as the base). Different amounts depending on how shiny I want it (it doesn't seem to affect the "hardness", only makes it less matte a finish). I vary the amounts... sometimes a few tablespoons, all the way up to 1/2 the liquid called for in the recipe....
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