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Originally Posted by jodibug0975

This cake is covered in modeling chocolate:

I also did a google search and found tons of hits with "covering a cake in modeling chocolate" including...
Starting with the 12" cake. Cut-off enough white modeling chocolate to cover the cake. Rollout the modeling chocolate on a clean table using powdered sugar to a 1/4" thickness. Wrap around a rolling pin, then transfer to the cake. Unroll, and carefully smooth out the top and sides. Trim-off any excess at the bottom of the cake. Repeat the same for the 10" and 6" cakes.

So I do believe that it is done...

Couldn't tell you how firm it sets up though.

In the link, they combined the modeling chocolate with the fondant before applying it to the cake.
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I've used modeling chocolate before to cover cakes and make figurines. It isn't as heat tolerant as fondant, but tastes lots better. Also, you can roll it thinner than fondant...Only thing to be careful with is that it tends to "fatigue" if you have to re-roll it too many times (meaning it gets kinda crumbly and tears)...Some pastry chefs refer to it as "chocolate plastic"...If you've ever seen those cheese cakes that look like traditional wedding cakes and wondered what they were covered with, it's chocolate plastic. Recipe is 28 oz. of high quality chocolate (such as (Valrhona or Callebaut) or chocolate coating (like wilton melts), 2/3 c. light corn syrup. Melt the cholcolate in 30 sec. intervals in microwave. Stir in corn syrup (it will look like it's not going to come together, keep stirring)....You'll get a thick puddle of stuff...Pour it out on plastic wrap or wax paper and let it rest for about 4 hrs at room temp until it is firm enought to roll.....Use cornstarch or powdered sugar to roll out
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