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Recently there have been a lot of questions raised about the Cake Central terms of service regarding the posting of photos. The spirit of our terms has not changed in the time Cake Central has been online, only the wording has changed as questions have arisen over time.

We are making changes again to the wording of the terms to more closely reflect similar terms on other web services. The new wording reflects the same rules you will find at Flickr if you upload your photos there.

I will say that what is disheartening is that there appears to be so little trust out there, that despite the fact Cake Central has never abused its license over the photos posted in the gallery, we are constantly having to address concerns from the community that we will just go ahead and steal everyone's photos to do whatever we want with them.

Let me say this one last time and be done with it:

Cake Central has no intention of taking anyone's photos from here and publishing them elsewhere without the owner's permission. I don't know how to be more clear about it than that.

If after this posting, you are still uncomfortable posting your photos, then don't post them, that's your prerogative.

Remember, we are all here to learn and share and support each other, and that relationship requires trust on the part of all parties and we are all here acting in each others best interest.