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HELP! need ideas for a welcome home cake...

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my friend asked me to make her a welcome home cake for her husband coming back from the military....this needs to be done by tomorrow and I'm still fairly new at this so I need some cute yet not too hard ideas?

please help....! icon_smile.gif

thanks everyone
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Which branch of the military is he in?

If he's in the airforce, you could make a little blue cake with an airplane and spell out welcome home in the clouds.

If he's in the navy, you could make the cake blue and put a ship on it and then spell out welcome home with life vests or whatever else you want.

If he's in the marines or army, you could put one of the military vehicles on it. And spell out welcome home again.

Hope this helps, even though the ideas are all similar.
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thank you icon_smile.gif I know i was thinking of trying to do something like that....he's in the to make one of the vehicles would be kinda hard?...idk I'll try icon_smile.gif thanks

now Im just thinking of doing a simple chocolate cake, with (I just seen on here) tootsie roll roses? I assume you make it using the same technique as fondant roses? and I wanna put chocolate covered strawberries on it since its for her sweetie icon_smile.gif I was thinking of using the color fill technique thing for hearts also or I could make the army vehicle u were talking about? what do u think?....or u think I should just stick with the simple cake, since it might be too much going on?
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here's a thread from a while back for a camo tutorial:
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You could definitely make a chocolate cake with tootsie roll roses if you want! You could make the Duff roses or you could make regular roses but with tootsie rolls. And some chocolate covered strawberries sounds good as well.

I definitely wouldn't mix the chocolate cake, tootsie roll roses and strawberries with the army truck though. It sounds like you should just make the chocolate cake and call it good.
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omg thank you!! I love that idea of the camo icon_smile.gif I'm definately gonna use that idea icon_smile.gif

this time I will post up my finished cake. Thanks everyone!! icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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One of the wives in my husbands unit made a beautiful cake upon their last return. It was a tree trunk with a yellow ribbon around the cake. Also sitting around the tree were figures of his family holding a fondant 'welcome home' sign. The cake was so nice. I wish I had a picture to share with you.
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thank you thank you everyone icon_smile.gif

here's my finished product...I just went with the camo side on all chocolate buttercream and tootsie roll roses and leaves icon_smile.gif

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You did a wonderful job on the cake. I'm sure he will love a home made cake upon his safe return home!
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