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Count me in! I usually do homemade fudge, pralines, divinity, and cookies. I can't wait to try out everything else.
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I'm in too. I have been doing a treat basket/serving plate for a while as our family Christmas gift. Our family continues to grow so it makes it much cheaper to give a basket/plate to each individual group. Bake a big batch of a few different items and then divvy it up according to how many people are in each group.

LaBellaFlor's idea of an early deadline for teachers etc. is a really good idea. I also like KKristy's idea of the doggie treat tin.

So far the only things on my lists are decorated sugar cookies and cake balls. In previous years I have done various cookies, Apple cinnamon jelly, pineapple jalapeno vinegar, fudge, and various breads.
~Kavrena (Yes, I am addicted to my cake hobby)

"Good cooking is the accumulation of small details done to perfection" Bourdin
~Kavrena (Yes, I am addicted to my cake hobby)

"Good cooking is the accumulation of small details done to perfection" Bourdin
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I'm in!! I've never done baskets before but I've got my plans in place for this year. I've got all my treat boxes I just have to get the main basket to put them in. No more rubbish to fill up the place all edible gifts which for my family are perfect lol. I'm doing 2 different types of basket one for my generation and a more "classy" basket for my parents/grandparent generation.

Im doing:
decorated christmas cake
cranberry cookies
checkerboard cookies
cocoa shortbread diamonds
shortbread stars
rum pudding truffles
rocky road candy and gourmet rocky road candy
almond and cherry fudge
hot chocolate on a stick
tiger butter
caramel white chocolate fudge
easy chocolate truffles some rolled in cocoa, nuts and chocolate shavings.

These are going to be mine and my mums gifts to family and we are working on them together. Well I'll be doing and she'll be cleaning up and helping where she can. My mum is a star.

KKristy I love the idea of making doggy biscuits a lot of my friends have dogs and whilst we dont get each other anything we always give something for the dogs and kids (not necessarily in that order hehe)

Cake or Death? Cake please!
Cake or Death? Cake please!
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Oooo Hannahlass, do you mine posting the recipe for Rocky Road Candy, GOurmet Rocky Road Candy & Carmel White CHocolate Fudge. I know it's a lot, but I really need some candy recipes. I only have 3.
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I'm only going to do the deadline for the teachers etc (mid december). My family is not getting any baskets since is only us (my family lives in another country). I just bake during the holidays and we eat that.
Do you think is too early if we start next week doing some of the stuff? (candy items, or choc covered stuff)? should we start the week after thanksgiving and do 2 or 3 items a week?
Hannahlass, I'd love it if you post those recipes too! Thanks!
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I was thinking the last week in November, cause I'm looking at what few candy recipes I have and the should be good for about 3 weeks. I'm thinking we want to have them ready by the time the kids get out & the last week of school for us if Dec.14-18. Now if anyone has any great recipes that will hold up longer, then maybe sooner. But we all know how chocolate can get tempermental and start to seperate.
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Look what i found!!!!

Browsing another post i followed a link and it has this cute tags to print!! perfect for "our" baskets! (i feel like this is the sisterhood of the Christmas baskets!

If the link doesn't work just copy and paste it in your browser.
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Sorry the link that i posted above is not going to work as it is, for some reason it doesn't let me edit it.
Just copy and paste the link but only untill the first "html". the rest, from "target" on is not part of the link.
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hi every one , for my baskets I usually add these items, I usually mix up the items from year to year

white chocolate , candy cane almond bark
Rum balls
mocha or orange or mint naiomi bars
chocolate covered rice krisy treats( made to look like presents)
raspberry oatmeal squares ( like a date square but with raspberry pie filling instead of date)
whipped shortbread cookies
gingerbread cookies
mini oreo cheesecakes ( must be refrigeraded)
butter tarts
lemon tarts
chocolate covered hay stacks ( we use chow mein noodles and pecans)
magic cooKie bars
pineapple squares
pumpkin tarts
banana chocolate chip muffins
coffee balls ( made like rumballs but with no alcohol)
Chocolate caramel pecan cookies

hope this helps anyone looking for inspiration
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oo, oo, havn't shared my list yet. Okay:

buttercrunch toffee
peppermint bark (CakemommyTX way with the candy can heart frame)
pralines (just like the one in New Orleans, yum!)
chocolate pistachio spirals
Swiss-Italian Mocha Meringues
gingerbread cookies
stained glass star sugar cookies
lemon poppyseed cookies
chocolate carmel chews
almond cranberry cookies
Holiday icebox cookies

And I would like to try a few more new candy & cookie recipes. I usually do about 15 different cookies, but I think I'm only going to do 10 this year, so I can up my candy number.
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They have a ton cute tags to print off.

Question. How do you package everything? Like, if you're giving fudge or truffles, are you putting each thing in a separate tin or just a plastic baggie? I have my list of things that I want to make, but I'm stuck on this part about how to package everything up.
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I'm not sure how to package everything. I'm thinking that at least the crunchy stuff shouldn't be with the soft shortbread with poundcake definetely pack the cookies separate, and then the mini loafs wrapped them and put a ribbon maybe? maybe cellophane bags with tags from the link you sent?
or little cardboard boxes? not sure!
I gotta go shopping and see what i find buy my daughter is sick so i have to stay home today and probably tomorrow.
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Okay, for some reason this is no longer in my watched topics, so I'm posting again just because.
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Please tell me about your peppermint bark...what is the cakemommyTX way ???
** Your list sounds yummy !
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Usually when you make peppermint bark, you just spread it and brake it up. She said they take 2 candy canes, have them face each other so they make the form of a heart and then pour the peppermint bark in the middle. So you get this pretty heat shaped peppermint bark instead of just regular 'ol broken up bark. I thought it was a great idea and sounded very pretty.
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