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I need help to do black fondant

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I need to cover a cake completely with black fondant but always is the same, I only can get a grey colour but NEVER intense black.. I´ve seen lots of cakes that are black and I don´t know how to obtain that colour. Please!! I need some help! I have to do that cake for this saturday! Thanxs a lot!!! icon_wink.gif
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Well, I know a lot of us order Black Fondant - that way we don't have to worry about getting the right shade of black. So I order black Satin Ice.

You could also order Americolor's Super Black. It's a very strong color, has no taste, and comes in a tube that you squeeze.

Hopefully you can get one of these by Saturday. If not, just keep adding lots of black and eventually you'll get there.
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That's why I order black fondant! We don't often cover cakes in black, but we use it alot for details. It's great just opening the package and using it directly. You save so much time and energy not having to color it that the (minimal) extra expense is worth it.
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I use homemade chocolate-MMF and then add black colouring to the already dark brown fondant. But the easiest way is definately to buy premade black fondant. The homemade one stains people tounges a lot worse.......
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Yep, I buy it premade too. I prefer Satin Ice to cover a cake with, and I usually keep a 2 lb. tub of red, green, dark chocolate, and black. I can't tell you how many times I have been so glad I had them on hand.

Wilton makes a multi-pack of flesh tones and black in one package that the craft stores usually sell. Maybe the black in that would work for accents that probably won't be eaten. I've used it in a pinch when I was out of SI and needed just a small bit.
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I used this and can tell you it it was very black and easy to work with I'll try and post some pictures with it.
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premade is definitely the easiest. Otherwise I would also start with a choc fondant before adding color
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I've been using the black wilton candy melts and making candy clay for my black....easy, works great. I wouldn't cover the whole cake in it but definitely works for accents.
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If you have leftover fondant (especially any darker colored ones), you can combine them to get a really ugly mix, then add black coloring, you won't need alot at all.
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Hi!!! Thank you so much to all of you for your answers and tips! I can´t buy premade black fondant because i live in Argentina and doesn´t exist here. I think i´ll make it mixing first all the leftover fondant if not I´ll try with the true black mmf but i´ll have problem with some of the ingredients... too. What is Karo syrup and Crisco?
Thank you soooo much again!! icon_biggrin.gif
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karo syrup is corn syrup and crisco is white vegetable shortening (not lard which is animal fat). I have to say that chocolate mmf (darkened with both cocoa powder - dark cocoa powder is even better and a bit of semi sweet chocolate chips) then adding the black colour (generously) should work. Letting the fondant rest a day to darken is good and if it's still a bit too dark then keep adding a bit more colour until it gets to the shade you desire. Like everyone says - yes a LOT of work and premade is best but if you don't have it - hope your homemade fondant turns out okicon_smile.gif
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Thank you all again for your answers!!! I´ve made it by mixing rests of coloured fondant and black colorant (I´ve used almost 5 gr) The taste wasn´t so good but neither so horrible... icon_razz.gif I`m very happy with the result... you can see the photos! I´ve just uploaded icon_biggrin.gif
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It looks great!
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Thank you FlourPots :*:*
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