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Sugar free or diabetic fondant

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LONG time lurker, first post. Have made five cakes in two weeks, and this is the first request for a diabetic.
I'll be making an Elvis cake for a client, and his father is diabetic. I could make a regular fondant cake for the guests, and a separate cake for him, or try coming up with a splenda/sugar free fondant if something like that exists. Or I could make a regular iced cake (not MY preference) with fondant accents and have them removed prior to eating. Any ideas, hints,suggestions? Any help would be appreciated!
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I am not sure, if I can help you here. But maybe you can make cake with BC using splenda and cover with fondant, and suggest to the father, peel the fondant off before eating...... or if you would like to try my fondant PM me and I could give you recipe. My fondant is made mostly of powdered milk and less ps (which you maybe could use splenda instead)?? I never used splenda in baking, so I don't know how the result will be like, but my fondant call for 3 cups powdered milk and 2 cups ps. So it is not as sweet as other fondant, but sweet enough.
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When I am making a sugar free cake I ice it with sugar free pudding mix made with heavy cream when you whip it it make a very nice icing. Whip together 1 qt of heavy cream and 2 boxes of instant pudding. To my knowledge there is no sugar free fondant, as splenda does not form the same kind of bonds that real sugar crystals do.
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Do you know how this frosting might hold up under a light layer of fondant? Thank you -- trying to make the most beautiful, diabetic-friendly cake possible!  :)

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