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Oh, sorry about the all caps.

sadsmile--I plan to try to drape the whole cake in that stuff (sticking it on like fondant) and then going back and cutting gray fondant to match the gray markings on the guy. I'm glad I'm doing a practice!

leahk--thanks for that thought. I will try it on the test cake.
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By the way--it cuts fine with a knife! This is soooo cool! I cannot wait to try it this week on the test cake!
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LOL I can't wait to see your results! thumbs_up.gif
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Oh my goodness I totally want to try it!! So, I put the gelatin, jello mix and water over low heat for how long??? Do I let it boil for a while??? Then after I add the jolly ranchers, I let stir it until they're melted and then pour the liquid out?!! How long does it need to set?! That is SO cool!! Thanks for experimenting!!!
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GREENSBORO or Greensboro is not working, it's not letting me in
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mrsmudrash--I just used a basic recipe for gummies (not sure which one I used, but here's one:

Then, as it was over the low heat, I added the few Jolly Ranchers and stirred until they were fully dissolved. Then, I put a large piece of parchment paper on the counter and greased it with shortening. You will notice that the top of the mixture is foamy. Get a turkey baster and suck up the clearer liquid from underneath and pour onto parchment paper. Continue to do this, building out as much as you want (it should ooze together to fill in spaces, but help it along if you need to). Then just let it dry!

That is the way I did it the first time, but the heat from the mixture warped the parchment paper so that the cooled sheet of gelatin had a little rippling design in it. This time, I will disinfect the granite countertop and pour it directly onto that.

Good luck! I am doing it today for the first time after my test run!
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ailika--it should work with GREENSBORO. Try again!
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Thanks got it...Wow! didn't know JR could do this I will try it one day can imagine the disaster I'm going to make LOL
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Okay, although COOL, this stuff is NOT cooperating! I thought I could use it for the transparent detail on this rock monster guy, but after several attempts and many hours, I think I need another idea!

It doesn't stick or stay like fondant. Maybe it needs a little alteration! I'll have to figure something else out for this guy.
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So after it cools, does it set up at all or does it stay soft like fondant?

Very interesting experiment, btw. I love to encounter fellow brave folks who will try something to see what happens. icon_biggrin.gif
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LOL, Kimberly! It sets up very quickly (especially on my cold hard granite counter), because of the high concentration of gelatin in it. When I tried the second batch last week (not in the pictures), I tried to add more water, so it ran thinner when poured, and would be lighter and easier to stick. I could not get it to thin before gelling up. I don't have any reason right now to keep wasting money on gelatin and Jello, though, to get it right! It didn't work out for its intended use this time!

I actually am trying a different version this week, with more sugar than gelatin--I need a semi-pliable hard candy. I am using the Jolly Rancher recipe, and adding Jello, to see how it effects the finished product! Maybe I'll post those results to this thread!
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Oh, but if you mean harden at all, or change from jelly-like to hard, NO, it does not. It sets until it's a blanket of gelatin you can easily handle without it sticking to your hands. It's actually quite fun and therapeutic to play with! But it doesn't change after that.
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the password isn't working even with all caps
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I just checked it. . . it's still listed as GREENSBORO. Maybe try again? Not sure.
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Here is one pic, in case you still can't get it to work. . .
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