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JanessaJo...............practice...practice.....and still more practice.....Don't give up if you really like decorating. This is the greatest site for advice, hints and encouragement.
SMILE - and people will smile back.
SMILE - and people will smile back.
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Just curious...How many cakes did you do before you started selling cakes? and Why in the world are you using canned frosting????

The Cake Bible is great, but unless you have some scratch baking under your belt, it honestly may be a bit beyond what you are looking for right now, it is not a "basic" or "introductory" book (it is geared towards artisan bakers). The Wilton books will probably be more helpful.

If you have the time and can afford it, I highly recommend you take the Wilton course.

Not trying to be snarky or snotty, just honest and straighforward.
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wow thanks, I'll definately try that method. icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by JanessaJo

Originally Posted by nastassia

wow, I feel for you icon_smile.gif I've gotten discouraged and wanna give up sometimes too lol but I love decorating so much I can't give up. Hopefully I get better. I just figured out also that u gotta freeze the cakes first. OMG my problem is making the cake and icing it. either the cake sticks to the pan, crumbles, or else when I frost it, it breaks up the cake icon_sad.gif I wish I can just buy the cakes already made and frosted and I can decorate it lol

I really do hope I get better, I'm still not throughly pleased with the way my cakes come up, then again I'm a new mommie so I don't have as much time...

I know what you mean. I have a 2 yr old and a 9 month old. Between them and working 2 jobs and taking a kickboxing class 3 nights a week, and cleaning and cooking you get the idea.....I just dont have a lot of time to practice and read and do research.

omg how do u find the time to even BAKE a cake, let alone decorate it lol
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nastassia....i stay up real late! lol and wake up very very early

prterrell....i had made about 10 cakes before i ever got paid to do one. I had done about 6 baby shower cakes, but they were all pretty easy because all I did was get a baby bottle cake pan and used the star tip to do the icing. so there was no layering or smoothing involved. and the others were birthday cakes for family. I also make and decorate cookies and cupcakes....which ive never had any "disasters" with so far. they actually turn out great and after people saw them they started asking why I didn't do cakes....that's what really got me started.

I wasn't using only canned frosting. My friends mom made some frosting, but when my cake started crumbling I was using it to patch it up, so then I had no other choice but to run to Walmart and get canned stuff. I do definetly plan on taking the Wilton course, but so far everytime it becomes available I either have to work or low on cash.

Thanks again for the advice, and you do not sound snotty or harsh. you just know what a beginner needs to do, and I appreciate everyone's help! icon_smile.gif I am also practicing again this weekend making my boss's birthday cake......I work in durable medical equipment and he wants the cake to look like a wheelchair, lol. Wish me luck on that one!
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