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With a really small tip icon_smile.gif
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chefjulie, do you use a #1? That's the smallest tip i know of but even that seems too thick for some details i see on cookies decorated with the projector.
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I use PME tips in a 00 or 0 for the smallest details!

I really need to update my cookie pics, but never seem to get around to it!
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Have to look into that! I never knew they come in that small.
Do you outline the decoration first and then fill in?
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What consistency icing do you use when piping the small details?
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Do you use colorflow or RI? Do you start with the design and then ice the rest of the cookie or ice the whole cookie and decorate on top of that?
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I like to use Toba's Glace as my "base" and then Antonia's royal icing for detail work. IMO, Toba's tastes WAY better, but royal is soooo much easier and FASTER to work with. I have to wait about 24 hours between layers of Tobas and only a few minutes for royal.

My icing is pretty much the consistency of school glue for detail- maybe a tiny bit thicker.

Here's a pretty bad picture of some cookies I just finished up last night for my daughter's birthday. They were ALL done using the projector. (Ignore the marshmallows!)
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Oh, and btw, Fiddlesticks- I decided to pay attention to how I was oriented to the projector last night icon_smile.gif I usually have it turned so that I am sitting entirely the left of the projector (I am right handed) and I'm working left to right the whole time. It's something I never realized, I guess it was my subconscious way of working out the shadow problem, lol!. I did notice when I tried to work right to left, my shadow was getting in the way.
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I really want a projector.....are you sure none of you is sick of yours?

Those cookies look amazing!!!!!!!!!
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God's Word will either keep you from sin;
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THANKS, I love mine! It would have taken me FOREVER to even try to do them without the projector, and they wouldnt have turned out the same. I got them all done- start to finish- in 3-4 hours last night WITH my kids running aroundicon_smile.gif I used RI as the base on those because I waited too long to start and didnt have time to wait for Toba's to dry.
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chefjulie..Those are awesome and I love the marshmallows!
Thanks so much for the tip! Ok so you did the whole design part itself while it was under the projector,is that right ? Out line ( if you do that ) fill and all details while its still under there?
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Fiddlesticks, for these I just did the outline. Filling it after the outline was super simple, since it was all solid colors. If there had been detail within the outline, I would have kept using the projector.
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I have a kopykake projector as well. I was having shadow issues when i first got it too and someone gave me a very good left to right (I'm right handed). This was a challenge at first because i had to work the opposite of what i was used to, but it does reduce the shadow. I recommend putting the projector in a room that you can get really dark during the day. The less light in the room, the better the image shows up. For your cookies i would suggest outlining the image on the cookie with a food pen first then take it off the projector and do it in royal..alot less mess. You can find loads of free clipart all over the internet to use on the cookies, just save them and resize. I find if the picture is too big when i print it out then it's hard to get it the right size on the cookie. I mostly print out my images just big enough to be held by the prongs of the projector. I keep a file of all the clipart i use so that i can grab it whenever i want to use an old design. HTH
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Thanks so much !!! I appreciate all the info !
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chefjulie, those cookies are soooo adorable!! And i LOVE the marshmallows. Did you use the projector for those as well? They are amazing and i'm sure your daughter loved them too! Wow!

sweetcravings, thank you for your advice. I don't have a color printer at the moment (had to order a new one cuz the old one had too many problems), so i guess i'll have to start out with black and white pics for now.
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