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Anyone use the food saver to vaccuum seal cookies?

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I bought a cheaper version of the food saver and it did not suck the air out of the bags - it only works with their brand bags. I'm wondering if the food saver will work with the treat bags? I have found that the cookies ship a lot better if they are vaccuum packed - prevents them from cracking and breaking during shipment.

Has anyone had any luck with that?

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I have a seal saver and use it for cookies. It does work wonders when shipping them. But I also use it to reseal my brown sugar and etc in its own bag and it works fine.
Hope that helped.
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Thanks doodledo,
So you are able to use it with the regular treat bags that you can buy at Michaels?
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Not sure about that. I have sealed up brown sugar, their brand of bags, chips, and other stuff that I cant remember. I would say it depends on how thin or thick it is. To thin it might just melt into a glob.
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You can seal almost any type of plastic or foil bag.
The Foodsaver will only vacuum their type bags. You can buy a cheaper priced channel bag on eBay. I use mine almost everyday; and yes, I vacuum seal cookies for shipping.
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DDiva - what do you use for the cookies when you vacuum pack them? Do you just use regular party treat bags? When I tried those, it sealed it, but didn't vacuum seal it.
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No, the Food Saver will only seal channel type bags.
When I ship decorative cookies, I put them in the cello bag and seal them. I then put several (depends on the size of the cookies) in a vacuum bag and gently vacuum seal it. Bubble wrap on the bottom of the box, around the sides and on top. They have always arrived intact...and fresh.
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I was thinking of buying one to seal gumpaste and fondant. I think it would work great for that. Anyone use it for that also?
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Yep- it works great for that as well I sell fresh made gumpaste that I ship all over and I vacuum seal it. Stays nice and fresh for the longest!!
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I am using Vacuum Food Saver and i m using my life,,Yeah u can use Cookies in the food saver and that will be crispy for the long time period...i love mt food saver.. i can not live without it... icon_lol.gificon_smile.gif
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Would anyone share what model or make of vacuum or heat sealer has worked for them? I will be shipping decorated cookies and want to buy something that I know works. (I would like to put my cookies in and seal cello bags first, then vacuum seal several of the cello bags.)

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I have a food saver usually use it for frozen foods . Smacks self up.side of the head.......Why didnt I seal gumpaste with it . Thanks for mentioning.
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