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Oh no, I ordered a bunch, and I planned on doing mostly cookies; I'm a little nervous now. I hope the frosting sheets will be ok... I'll let you know!
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The frosting sheets are workable, so don't be nervous. I just found them to be more grainy because they are so thin.
In order to get them off the backing without much tearing, i recommend leaving them out at room temp to harden a bit (after printing, of course) and then peel them off (i use a bench scraper).
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Thanks Luv2bake6, I just received them the other day, they weren't so bad, I think I have to be careful not to put too much water on the surface, or they tear.. It's sooo cool!
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You might be better off using corn syrup that is slightly watered down. This is thicker than water and won't cause the EI to break easily.
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oh, great tip, thanks. Maybe youll know...I ordered the pre-printed designer frosting sheets from Luck's as well, I tried baking the cookie with the sheet on, and it wrinkled, I thought that was one way to apply them, if i cant then I guess I'll apply them after theyre cooked- I just wanted an easier way to apply them, if I put them on after, then I have to cut each one out smaller than the cookie, right? lots of work...
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Nope, won't work like that. There are 2 ways for you to apply. Either ice the cookie, allow to dry and then apply with some thinned corn syrup, or apply while icing is still wet and allow to dry completely.
I used to do it the second way but found that the frosting sheet dried kind of lumpy at times, or bled into the icing. Then i read somewhere here that people apply it onto dried icing and realized that's how they had it look so flat!
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ok, so does it matter if i use rolled fondant or royal icing to cover the cookie? It sounds good, though- I wasnt icing the cookie when I experimented with a baked cookie. icon_smile.gif
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I've never done it on fondant but it's pretty much the same idea.
The reason why i was putting the EI on wet icing is because they advertise that it melts into the icing so you cannot tell what it is. Well, that wasn't true. When the icing dried and i broke the cookie in half, i was able to peel the EI off in one piece.
That's why i now do apply with the corn syrup because the melting won't occur either way and this ensures a nice flat surface.
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I use vodka to apply my ei.... And I can't peel off the EI from the cookie... And the vodka evaporates really quick!
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Thanks, guys, the vodka sounds easier than corn syrup, but Ill try both. Any other hints or tricks so I dont waste the printed sheets?
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let the sheets sit out to stiffen a bit. When they just come out of the printer, they are very soft and could tear easily (especially the thinner ones) when you are trying to peel them off. I use a bench scraper to get them off safely.
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Thank you, thank you! You've been so helpful. I tried the vodka, it was easier to just use, it worked great-thanks Verono. I appied the pre-printed sheets to fondant and then to the cookie, it worked beauifully! I'll post pictures soon..ttyl, Mari
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You are welcome!
But I learned the tricked here on CC icon_wink.gif
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icon_rolleyes.gif Yup, I am soooo thankful that I found this site; I've learned so much and I'm just a "newbie"!
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I've got the epson xp200 and have alot of problems with clogging when not used frequently. But I do need to order new cartridges, I've refilled them for about 6 months.
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