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Thanks FromScratchSF, you're always so helpful!
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Just read all 27 pages of this, and for those that have tried both versions-I am wondering how does this compare to the mix version of WASC? (texture, dense?, crumb, etc.)?
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Can you make this into a 12x18 sheet cake?
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So are people using 1 Cup of liquid or the full 2 1/2 as the original recipe calls for? I'd love to know how the two end results compare?  I'm a hater of waste and get pretty discouraged experimenting with recipes where things don't turn out.  Help!  Need a good base recipe that I can use for my non-chocolate cakes. I feel like I change/tweak my existing recipe every time. 

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If I just need 2 9 inch rounds, should I cut the recipe in half?

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Just tried FromScratch SF weighted version of this recipe and I have a question.  So I baked two 6" cakes and one 8" cake for two different orders trying this recipe. The two 6" cakes came out great! But the 8" cake is sinking in the middle and is shrinking on the sides. Help!  Is it because of opening the oven door? How does one bake cakes in various sizes in the same oven at the same time without effecting the outcome of the larger cake which has to keep baking longer?

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I just answered your question on my blog, but in case anyone wants to know:



I generally don’t bake different size cake in my home oven – it looses heat too fast and takes way too long to get back to temperature, and if I do, I always use convection. But even then it’s a bit of a risk. BUT – assuming I was, I’d figure, OK, the 8″ is going to take 50 minutes, the 6″ should take 40 minutes, so I’ll put in the 8″ first, let it cook for 15 minutes, then pop in the 6″. That way everything should be done around about the same time, or at least done enough that nothing will sink if you open the oven door.

It’s how I also time stuff when I’m at the bakery doing production, the stuff that takes the longest goes in first, the smaller stuff is added, then everything comes out around the same time.

Hope this helps!

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I never thought to put the one that has to stay in longer first!  Good idea!  Thanks!

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I tried to use fromscratchSF's (beyond buttercream now) banana version of this recipe, substituting the roasted bananas for the sour cream and increasing to 2 tspns each baking soda and baking powder. I found this variation on C.C. somewhere.  I was attempting to make cupcakes. They puffed up really high at first, then fell and turned dark brown on the outside all around the cake. The inside was delicous and fluffy but they were not asthetically pleasing at all. Any suggestions on how to get the cake to bake up light on the outside and not fall?


And has anyone else noticed how the cake sticks to the pan/is "wet" on the sides and bottom? I LOVE the texture/flavor of the inside of this cake, and how fluffy and flat it bakes up, but have not had the best luck getting the cake to remove from the pan perfectly clean.


Also, what flavors have people experimented with using her recipe as a base? I know there is a crazy long list of gourmet flavors on a thread on here, base is a WASC box version I believe. Is it possible to make all those flavors using this recipe instead?  I am a nut for crazy cake and filling combos!


Thank you!! (recipe)

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I will be trying FromscratchSF's recipe this weekend. It sounds amazing!
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This is very similar to the FromScratch SF cake recipe that has been circulating on CC. This 10 cup recipe has far more fat (about 21 tbspns of shortening vs the 14 tbspns called for in FromScratch's recipe). This one has a half cup more flour in it.  And does not have the baking soda that FromScratch's has. Otherwise they are identical.  I believe FromScratch uses butter OR shortening.  I am wondering if anyone has adapted either of these recipes as a brown sugar cake batter recipe? I am trying to perfect a chocolate chip cookie dough cake recipe that uses brown sugar instead of white and that can be used for cake but primarily as cupcakes with a little rise to them.   Any advice/suggestions is appreciated.



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Can anyone chime in on the discrepencies between using 1 cup of milk vs. the 2 1/2 cups of milk in this recipe? I see it noted throughout this discussion differently.  Success with one over the other?  Thanks!

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Want to try and make this one as a Key Lime Pie Cupcake. Anyone ever try it? Can I use lime juice in place of the milk and then add lime zest or is that too acidic?   Help! Thanks

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My go to key lime WASC - from CC I believe:


   1 - 18.25 oz lemon or yellow cake mix

   1 - 3.5 oz instant lemon pudding mix - dry

   4   large eggs

    1/2  cup key lime juice (bottled)

    1  cup vegetable oil

     1/2 cup water


    Mix all for 2-3 minutes bake 325

 *  this does not make as much batter as a true WASC as there is no added flour or sour cream but I get rave reviews every time I make this.

For key lime butter cream I just add the key lime juice in place of any other liquids

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i tried this recipe per Jen's recipe, it was a flop to say the least. The lower half of the cake had a red color to it, I do not know what happened. The batter looked fine. I really do not know what went wrong though. And it was extremely dense. I was very disappointed to say the least.

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!
I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!
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