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Originally Posted by luv2bake6

sweet treats, do you add anything to a standard chocolate chip recipe in order to acheive the height you're talking about?
Do you bake them in a pizza pan?
What do you use to put them on for delivery? A cake circle? Do you deliver in cake boxes?

Sorry so many questions. This seems like such a good idea to make for friends and family when i'm in a pinch for time and can't RI cookies.

I add 1/2 tsp. baking soda and I pile the batter into a 20inch pizza stone or pizza pan. My husband cuts rounds from corrugated plastic for me. I use a specialty box supplier, and U can gat various sizes and styles. The prices range anywhere from .50 on up depending on the style and size. U have to order in quantities of 100, but U can use a cake box if ithe cookie will fit.
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Originally Posted by luv2bake6

Question: If i were to bake the cookie in a 12x9x2 rectangular pan, does anyone know where i can get a nice sturdy box to fit it in?

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I get the 12" by 12" boxes mine are also too thick for a pizza box my icing was always getting smashed. I use all my 2" deep pans. I use the 1/2 sheet pan and use the boards and boxes for that . The half sheet takes 2 cookie recipes ( I use the toll house recipe) bake at 325 for 20-30 min and yes they are thick people love them.

I use my round cake pans, my heart shaped pans and so on. Works like a charm, I grease the pan good with pan release and remove from the pan within 10 min so the chips don't stick to the pan. Enjoy, I do chocolate chips and people like when I do the sugar cookie . What I use is the funfetti cake mix and do the cookie recipe on side of the box.
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I would go to Michaels, a Party Store, or preferribly a cake supply store. Most sheet cake boxes should work.

Someone else posted that cookie cakes were cheaper, not in my expereience. Chocolate chips and the amount I use for large sheet sized cakes are expensive. Then if you get more glamorous than chocolate chip and add white choc, tree nuts, toffees, etc. These ingredients are expensive. I equate that to more expensive fillings and increase the price per serving up accordingly.

Happy cookieing-is that a word icon_biggrin.gif
SANITY-Minds are like parachutes. Just because you've LOST yours. Doesn't mean you can borrow MINE!!!....
SANITY-Minds are like parachutes. Just because you've LOST yours. Doesn't mean you can borrow MINE!!!....
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I love cookie cakes! I used to make them all the time for myself. LOL. If I wasn't so busy, I'd make one this week. =o)
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thank you all for your recommendations and advice. I am going to try out some different recipes and see how they work.
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Just tried out my first one. I made up my usual batch of chocolate chip cookies and put half of it into a 12-inch pizza pan. While baking, it puffed up nicely but ran down the sides (it was a flat pizza pan) onto the oven floor. When i took it out after it was baked, it sunk down to a cookie thickness.
Needless to say, while the idea didn't work too well, it tasted so good that my kids all dove in with their hands and tore up pieces to eat.

The question is the amount of dough going into the pans. How many cups of dough should go into a 12-inch round pan? A 12x9 pan? A 9-inch round? Should i have used a pan with higher sides? (when i see pizza pan described, i'm thinking of the flat one with a slight lip around the edges)
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I ALWAYS use the 2" pans ANY shape and fill them half full, I cook mine at 325 for like 20-30 min for the double batch usually 15-20 for a single batch and they stay fine. No sinking. You have to take them out like 10 min before they cool too much or the chips will stick even if it's coated, keep trying. I make these WEEKLY people love them .

I meant to add in my photos page two has a rectangle I did with an Indians Image on it and page 6 has a regular round. I've done all shapes from my pans you'll love the cake pans better I think I never use the cookie pans any more they are TOO thins, we like thick cookies. It will feel uncooked when you take it out but after a couple hours it sets up and stays soft, again we like soft and chewy. Good luck.
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I agree w/debster - I use my 2in. cake pans. For a 12in. round I use half a batch of choc chip cookie dough, then spread with my spatula evenly in pan. They're much thincker than the cookie pans, customers love 'em!
post #25 of 34 I'm bad for a 12' round I use a whole batch for the half sheet rectangle I use 2 batches, I use 2 batches for the 16" round cookie too it's a Monster. I make 2- 8" from 1batch just for some ideas for the poster as to how much. 12" heart 1 batch.
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lol, i use 1 batch for an 11x15 and 1 1/2 batches for a mine probably aren't as thick as yours, but they're definitely thicker than the grocery stores and cookie chains, and really popular icon_wink.gif
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Yeah it's the 11x15 I use 2 batches for , I told you mine like a THICK cookie....hehehehehe Oh well gotta please.
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Do you guys mostly use buttercream or royal icing to decorate?

Thanks for all the tips--can't wait to try one!
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for cookie cakes I only do buttercream
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Buttercream here also and edible images that's it for me.
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